Testing Testing

We just ran a short test on Talkshoe in preparation for the launch of our new TWiTcast: net@nite with Amber MacArthur. I was very impressed by the sound quality and interactivity. This is going to be fun!

This is the user interface. You can listen to the show and chat with other listeners live from the Talkshoe site, or call in (a long distance call unless you live in Pittsburgh) to participate. The stream and resulting recording on the Talkshoe site will be telephone quality.

I am also recording locally and that high-quality recording will be available on the net@nite podcast feed (http://leo.am/podcasts/itn) the following Tuesday.

Just so you can hear the difference, you can hear the local Talkshoe recording (identical to the stream) on the

net@nite talkshoe page. The local version that will go onto the podcast is here: