Friday the 13th Sever Woes

I’m no triskaidekaphobe but I’m starting to be a believer. A hard drive on one of my servers died this morning. As a result,, and Leoville Town Square are down. So are all the podcast feeds (they live on but I’m moving them to cachefly as soon as I can).

The good news is that I have complete and up-to-date backups, so no data has been lost. The bad news is that my hosting company, The Planet, (nudge, nudge) is taking its own sweet time fixing the problem. (So far it’s been six hours without a response. I will be looking for a new hosting company.), the TWiT forums, and are unaffected. I’m hoping all the other sites will be up and running soon.

The podcast feeds are also locked – you can read them but the filesystem is read-only so I can’t add to them. There are new episodes of the Daily Giz Wiz, Windows Weekly, FLOSS Weekly, and The Laporte Report in the queue. I’ll post them on and update the feeds as soon as I am able.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: The Planet finally got a new drive in and the OS loaded a mere 12 hours after the initial failure. I’m out of town (fortunately the TravelLodge has good Internet access) so it’s a little tricky getting everything restored, especially since WHM won’t let me in. Once they fix this CPanel license problem I’ll get things back up. Everything should be back sometime today. I hope.

I’ve received some good recommendations for hosting, but I’m still shopping around. I’m looking for three dedicated servers – we currently spend $1000/month for three dual Xeon boxes with 2TB/month each and 100Mbps pipes. If some high reliability, service oriented hosting company would like to be the new home of TWiT please email me. Thanks!