The Return of the Jumping Monkey

While Amber is gearing up for her new job at Citytv she’s going to take four weeks off from our podcast, Inside the Net. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Megan Morrone has agreed to fill in!

Many of you will remember Megan from her stint on The Screen Savers and as co-author of my 2004 Technology Almanac. She left TechTV

in 2003 to have a baby (the lovely Annabella) and around a year ago had twin boys: Huck and Milo. As you might imagine, she’s been pretty busy with the mommy duties, but she’s kept her hand in by writing for and her blog, Jumping Monkeys. Until now, she’s been too busy to show up on any of my podcasts (despite the fact that she lives less than a mile from the TWiT offices), but starting next week, Megan’s back baby.

She’ll start Tuesday when we interview John Buckman of Magnatune and Bookmooch on Inside the Net. And now that I’ve got her I don’t plan to let her get away. Once Amber returns to the show (if all goes well that will be October 10) I’m hoping to create a podcast just for Megan.

So welcome back yet another TechTV veteran. We’ve missed her, and we’re so glad she’s back. And Annabella, Milo, and Huck, you can have your mommy back soon. But not too soon!