Technology Without An Interesting Name

The discussion of a TechTV reunion has spawned something else. The reunion is still in the works, but this might be even more exciting, and long term.

Naturally we got a lot of interest from companies wanting to host the reunion. We’re still sifting through the offers. But one company came up with something really surprising that they’ve been developing behind the scenes for some time.

Chris Pirillo and I think this new platform just might make it possible to create an Internet-based TechTV.

It’s kind of hard to describe the site. It’s sort of a dedicated YouTube which would make it easy for all the old TechTV contributors (and fans) to create and distribute text, audio, and video. It would be a centralized place to get all the content that TechTV folks have been creating. Chris has committed his stuff. I’ll put everything from TWiT there (and a lot more). And we’re hoping to get all the former TechTV people, and friends and relations like Command-N, Lab Rats, and Hak.5, to use the site as a hub. We’re not talking about a place to post old TechTV clips. We’re really thinking about creating a new, web-based, TechTV. And making it easy for old TechTV-ers to create and post new stuff.

We just need a name. The site is almost ready to go. We have a bandwidth committment. I think by the end of the year we might be able to go public with something really amazing. Chris and I would love to kick it off with a Helpathon. What do you think?