Two Thumbs Up to the New Rocketboom

I just watched the new Amanda-less Rocketboom 2.0. Wow. Producer Andrew Michael Baron handled the tricky transition oh so deftly.

Amanda’s replacement host came on wearing a catcher’s mask and chest protector and proceeded to take a bunch of tomatoes in the puss. Once the public pillorying was done she gave a link to Amanda’s blog (gracious and brilliant) and moved on to the best episode in a long time.

The new host, Joanne Colan (Colan rhymes with Joanne), is fantastic: Very natural on camera, wry, and obviously intelligent. Network television could learn a lot from how this was handled.

I didn’t take sides in the war of words after Amanda’s firing/quitting and while I’m generally on the side of talent in things like this, Andrew clearly has come out on top. Rocketboom is better than ever.

The queen is dead. Long live the Queen.