Tonight’s the Night

Ted is porting over the last bit of data from the old site right now – I’m
closing off comments now so we don’t lose anything. We’re tweaking the
Flash player. The painters are putting the last touches on the color
scheme. If all goes well I’ll be flipping the switch tonight and the
new will be born. Expect some wet paint and stuck doors, but I
think it should go pretty smoothly. I’ll be very interested to hear
what you think. If I can keep my eyes open I’ll flip the switch at 1a Pacific.

[UPDATE:] Well I threw Ted a curve, and my “little” request turns out to require significant re-plumbing. To the guy who emailed me that the last 10% of the redesign would take 90% of the time, you were right. To the folks who said not to announce anything, you were right, too! To the rest of you, sorry for the premature expostulation. We should have it up for you later today. I hope.