Why I’m A Bad Blogger

I’ve had a blog since 2001 but I have never been able to post to it regularly. Maybe that’s because I have so many other places to be heard. Maybe it’s because I’m just not a blogger. I keep trying new blog software, partly for research, partly because I love shiny new things, but I never seem to stick with it. I’m sure I’ll stop posting here soon. Mena says she planned Vox to make people want to blog again. So far, it’s working, Mena.

Personal blogs have always felt like observational comedy without the punchlines:  A Jerry Seinfeld routine performed by Henry Kissinger.

I’ve never liked slice of life fiction for the same reason. Give me a story arc or humor or something I can use, at least. My wife loves that kind of writing. Maybe it’s a gender thing.

The blogs I read are either funny, useful, or insightful. And there just aren’t that many of those. And this isn’t one of them either. If I do have anything funny, or useful, or insightful to say I save it for the paying gigs. There’s little enough of that to waste.

In his Wired News “Exit Interview” Scoble says he was reading 1500 feeds a day. I can’t imagine a worse fate. Frankly it sounds like he has a personal problem. (I’m kidding. I’m a kidder. I’ve known Robert for 15 years so I can kid.) I’m just glad he’s cutting back now. Robert, I’ll do my bit by making sure there’s nothing to read here. You may safely move along.