Amazon Affiliate Tags

It would be nice if I could point the Amazon links to my own affiliate account. I guess that’s one of the differences between this and a paid Typepad account.

Nevertheless, I am impressed at how far blogging software has come along. Vox makes it really easy to do most of the things I’d want to do with a blog. The Ajax and the WYSIWYG editor are pretty dang slick. I love the moblogging support. Collections are cool. It’s really like a cleaner, simpler, Typepad. And I think the social aspects are good additions. Frankly I’d prefer it to Typepad even if it cost the same.

I gather from Mena’s blog that the plan is to make this free and advertising supported. I’m sure the Amazon Associate Links are a big part of the planned monetization. Makes sense – but I’d gladly pay for an ad-free version of Vox. Add these features to Typepad and you’ve got me back as a customer.