Yes I’m an idiot. I let expire. I’ve renewed it now, but if you get a GoDaddy landing page try instead. You won’t be able to log in, however, because the login points to
As soon as the renewal propagates through DNS everything should be back to normal.

I’ve renewed for nine years, so this shouldn’t happen again until 2015.

It just shows you how confident I was about TWiT that I registered the domain for only a year!

(In my own defense, I had auto-renewal turned on but GoDaddy had an expired credit card.)

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  1. Leoporteans learn best byLeoporteans learn best by personal experience (of our fearless leader).
    Thanks for letting us know “…the rest of the story”

  2. Just fine Leo…Here’s to 9 more years of confidence!Its cool, Leo…kinda funny story.
    Here’s to at least 9 more years of!

  3. fearI was terrifiedI ran the whois and found ‘Domains by Proxy’ had scooped the site up
    I wasn’t sure where to turn
    I’m glad you’ve made it better.

  4. Heh, I’m always scared toHeh, I’m always scared to death that the moment one of my domains expire it’s going to be bought up by some porn company or something. Enough to keep me registered…
    Aaron Brazell
    Sysadmin, b5media

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