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  1. Well, actually it’s not but…According to this website, there are four ways to determine what is the tallest building in the world:
    – Height to the structural or architectural top.
    – Height to the highest occupied floor.
    – Height to the top of the roof.
    – Height to the top of antenna.

    Here is a list of the tallest buildings, and the a list of the tallest towers in the world.
    From the list of the tallest towers it reads:
    A tower differs from a building in that the latter has floors, and is designed for residential, business, or manufacturing use.
    The CN Tower is absolutely the worlds tallest FREE-STANDING STRUCTURE, however if your talking about buildings as structures WITHOUT floors from top to bottom, then yes it’s also the tallest building in the world entirely. Otherwise it’s fair to say that the new Tapei 101 tower is the “Worlds Tallest Building” since it’s considered a “building” as opposed to a “structure” like the CN Tower. Oh, and apparently there are many radio towers around the globe that are also much taller than the CN tower, except they’re all held up with cables so they aren’t free-standing structures.
    BTW, I lived in TO when I was 5 yrs old and have fond memories of the view you show in that picture. Looking up at it from near the base always made me feel a bit dizzy (vertigo) and it’s just a true marvel of engineering to look at!

  2. Taipei 101Yes. Taipei 101 is actually the tallest building on the world currently.
    I’m from Taipei 🙂

  3. Not for long!check out the Burj Dubai. Here in the UAE, the states fav place at the mo!!!!!!! Foundations have been laid and building is going on 24hrs. There has been no official anouncement on how tall it will be yet.
    Also I understand that they are planning a bigger one than this also.

  4. CNTowerOH, what fun! I’ve been there twice and really enjoyed the atmosphere (no, not just oxygen and nitrogen, but fun). We had dinner in the tower, but I didn’t opt to go up to the highest point. There was also a cool cafeteria/lunchroom place a few blocks from there where I remember walking through with a tray and seeing the coolest foods.

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