Leo at Grand Canyon

Leo at Grand Canyon

Originally uploaded by Leo Laporte.

We were so fortunate to have clear weather. It had snowed the week before and there were gale force winds the day before we arrived.

This is about as clear a day as you can get at the Canyon, although a nearby controlled burn created a touch of haze. The far edge is about 10 miles away. We could see Mt. Thompson – which is 100 miles off – very clearly.

The canyon is so dramatically beautiful that even when you’re there it’s kind of hard to absorb. It is truly humbling.

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  1. Hey man things’ll getHey man things’ll get better, try not to get to down you got your whole life ahead of you.

  2. Im sad :'(I miss the old days when I was so happy, came from school, turn on the tv, and see pat and leo on the screensavers… techtv was a good channel, I hate G4 :/

  3. I went to the grand canyonI went to the grand canyon in ’98 during spring break and it was foggy and snowing. I’d love to go back sometime.

  4. I was there at the same time!Hey LeoMiss Screen Savers!
    You and Patrick were my heros! Learned SO much from you!
    I was at the Grand Canyon on the 24th. Awesome site huh? We could see Mt Thompson too!

  5. Im still sad :'(I had so many laughs wiht you guys… I dont know Im depressed, school sucks, tv sucks, life sucks, the only thing is one online game Im playing, and to tell you the truth Im about to commit suicide, I miss those old times of the screensavers 🙁

  6. I workout there sometimes, hike/run down & up in just over 5hours. I miss TechTV too!

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