TWiT Central

TWiT Central

Originally uploaded by Leo Laporte.

Someone asked me what my podcast setup looks like. It’s pretty simple.

That’s a Mackie Onyx 1620 mixer on the right. It’s connected to the PC on the left via the optional Firewire I/O card. Skype is running on the PC.

I feed the PC my audio from my Heil Sound PR-40 mic via the mixer’s firewire out, and record the Skype audio and my audio on a Marantz Solid State recorder (the PMD-660) on the far right. Then I edit the podcast with Audition 1.5 (I upgraded to 2.0 but it was terrible so I went back to 1.5) and post it.

I also do my KFI radio show from the same place. You can see part of the Zephyr XStream ISDN Codec I use to connect to the station on the far right.

I wanted to memorialize this because I’ve rented a second office across the way and I’m moving in there in a couple of weeks. I hope to have a little better setup over there. At least I’ll have more room!

Pete and Scott from Apple are coming up to visit me Friday. I told them I didn’t have the fanciest setup – they said “that’s good. We want to see how little is required to podcast.” I’d better dust before they come!

I was recording episode two of FLOSS Weekly when I snapped this shot. (Don’t tell Chris!)

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  1. When I do my video podcast IWhen I do my video podcast I use two aincient cameras a Panisonic that uses VHS-C Tapes and a Sony that uses Hi-8, then a ZR-80. When I do audio I use my two powerbooks a 12″ and 17″ one for recording and one for skype. A $150 beringer mixer a cheap pair of studio headphones, and a Sure SM58 mic.
    To see Leo’s setup in video form go to and watch the episode on podcasting.
    Nice setup Leo!

  2. Nice SetupIs that and X-Port or and X-Stream? When moving offices are you staying with the ISDN line? They are becoming more and more rare here on the east coast so just wondering if they are still installing them on the west coast. We have been moving more and more to using the Patriot Tieline, POTS Codec with excellent audio quality for voice, we have even fed stereo music to our transmitter sites in a pinch with them. Newest versions have expansion cards for GSM, ISDN and Ethernet.

  3. Nice Setup
    Hey Leo man, that looks like a ‘rad’ setup. I’m inspired to redo my office now, god. LOL. Well, that would be a weekend project.
    Keep up the good work, love the new blog, and when the heck is the next Toronto meetup?
    Oh, and congrats on curtailing the spam on your drupal install. I found that the bots kinda stopped after i switched from wordpress
    ——–John ‘nybble’ |

  4. Audition 2.0 bad?What was wrong with Audition 2.0 that made you go back to 1.5? I was looking at going to 2.0 but if it is no good then i will save my money.

  5. Audtion downgradeThey messed up the user interface, added record-to-disk but I get a lot of dropouts, and didn’t add much functionality that was useful to me.
    I have to admit that if Ihad the money I’d buy a Digidesign control surface and use pro tools. The one I like is $2100 though!

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