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When I was a younger man my goals were few: publish a story in the New Yorker, appear on All Things Considered, and host the Tonight Show. At least one of them is going to come true. I’ll be on ATC tonight talking about Apple’s new Boot Camp program that allows Windows to run on Intel Macs. I have no idea when I’ll be on, but audio from the show should be available on the NPR web site after 7:30p Eastern.

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  1. you’d be a great Tonight show host, Leo!Having watched you sign autographs, talk and pose for pictures all at the same time, you have the skills!

  2. Heck, You are a great host already.I’ve followed you for years. I really like your style: it is the best combination of humility, respect for others, and easy to understand tips.
    The networks are missing a good deal.

  3. ATC?All thing considered?That’s way better than the tonight show!
    Besides, you’d be better on Letterman’s “the late show”.

  4. Congrates!How I love All Things Considered! (although I still miss the original version of the theme) Didnt listen today, however I will listen in the morning.

  5. All things considered!NPR just rocks! Makes my morning commute soooo much easier to bear. I listen to NPR all day at work. NPR and of course Leo’s podcasts. How very cool. My dream is to someday meet Renée Montagne of Morning Edition. I have the biggest crush on her. Looking forward to the broadcast.

  6. Hah!Something in common. One of my goals as a young man was to write something for the New Yorker as well, and as it turns out, still is.
    Except I seem to be taking the roundabout path to it; a medium-sized career starting off as mom-and-pop ISP tech support and culminating now in the founding of $SOFTWARECOMPANY. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to sell the company to $BIGFISH, bag enough of the dough generated to pay rent in New York indefinitely, and bug the New Yorker continually with witty slice-of-life-on-the-lower-east-side-isms until they publish one. Huzzah.

  7. Why doesn’t Leo try to get The Week in Tech on NPR?I’m just curious why Leo hasn’t tried to get The Week in Tech on a nationally syndicated radio station like NPR. I think he would do quite well. If car talk can get on NPR, why not TWiT?

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