Out of the Country

Off to Canada once again. In some funny way these weeks up north are like a vacation. Taping 15 shows in four days is grueling, easily the hardest work of the month, but because I have to focus on that and nothing else it means I can leave behind mundane worries about doing the taxes, catching up on podcasts, returning phone calls, and all the normal cacophony of day-to-day living down here. I even put a message on my office phone saying “I’m out of the country so I won’t be able to return your call until next week.” Of course my phone works just fine in Canada, but the words “out of the country” are like a magical talisman. No one expects a call back when you’re “out of the country.” I might as well be staying in a yurt in Outer Mongolia.

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8 Replies to “Out of the Country”

  1. YurtMongolian tent. Circular with hole in middle to let the smoke out, other variations abound.

  2. What the ckuck is a yurt? IWhat the cluck is a yurt? I know I should know the word, but I can’t remember it at all.
    Leoville’s resident BattleMech

  3. Canada EH!Too bad the shows aren’t taped in Calgary.Being a fan of 7 years,would love to attend a taping sometime.

  4. Audience for Rogers tapings?Hey Leo,
    I live in Toronto, and would love to watch your show being taped. Is this possible?

  5. Live AudienceI’m afraid not. The studio is tiny – and there’s nowhere for an audience to sit. I would love a live audience – but we’ll have to get a new studio before that happens!

  6. DAMN SPAM! Anyways.
    I know exactly how that is Leo, here all I do is put up an ‘In Toronto’ Sign, and I’m golden until they think about it, and phone me anyway.
    – – -John ‘nybble’ Hurleynybble.org | gen4media.com

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