Remember the Milk

I’m getting hooked on these Web 2.0 sites – maybe it’s because of Inside the Net – but I can’t stop subscribing to new AJAXy utility sites. I now use:

and my newest heartthrob – Remember the Milk for to-do lists. You can email items to yourself, subscribe to your list from iCal, create a To-Do RSS feed for consumption anywhere, send reminders to your email and cell phone, and on and on. The keystroke commands alone are worth the price of entry.

Sites like these have turned a light on for me about the power of RSS lately – it’s much more than news aggregation and podcasts – it’s a universal data format. Everything, including cell phones, should be RSS aware. I apologize to Chris Pirillo and others like him for being so slow to board this cluetrain.

My only concern about RTM is that it’s free and there are no ads. How are these people supporting themselves? Who do they think they are, podcasters?

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