Green Laser

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Green Laser

Green Laser,
originally uploaded by Leo Laporte.

Expression Engine (my former CMS) had built-in moblogging — that is uploading from a camera phone. But I think that with ShoZu and Flickr I can get some of the same functionality, although not automatically.

ShoZu installs on the camera phone and automatically uploads to my Flickr account. Then I can use the Flickr “Blog This” button to create a blog entry that interfaces to Drupal via the Metaweblog API.

If you’re looking at a glass of ice water illuminated by one of Woz’s green lasers… it worked!

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    So far, has indeed filtered 99% of the spam. Could you post a quick blog note all your spam solutions and, any chance you guys can review the new Spamcube? I was looking at buying one, but I want Jon to review it first 🙂

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