7 Replies to “Scream Like A Girl”

  1. Leo I feel I know what your vocal range can hit.
    Now screaming like a girl behavior wise may verry well happen but you aren’t Martin Sargent or Joey his perminant sidekick/intern.
    Just remember that if you think you are going to get scared make sure to use the restroom before headding up into the Canopy.
    They may be kind about it but everyone knows the dfference between kicking open a leaf pool and other kinds of accidental showers.
    I hope they give your group plenty of time up there I’m told it’s a sight and experience almost impossible to match.

  2. JK… you know we love youJK… you know we love you Leo! Welcome back, kinda. :coolsmile:

  3. Welcome back Leo!!! Maybe now you can post more often1! If you’re gonna scream, might as well scream like a girl to make an impact.

  4. Wow, an open truck AND a zipline canopy tour. Sounds like a lot of fun. 😆 Good luck, and hope you are enjoying yourselves, Henry, Leo and the crew!
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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