6 Replies to “Steve’s Plates”

  1. It says Oct 2006 doesn’t it?Or at least I think it does, it’s kinda blurry and so am I 🙂

  2. Hello! I have a bunch of 80s cassett tapes. I would like to turn them into CDs.
    I am on a limited income so I figured if I could get them into my computer I could burn them to a CD.
    I am very new at computers so dumb it down for me.
    Thank You.

  3. Leo,Let’s get together in Toronto. I live outside of Buffalo. We should go to the Montreal Jazz Cafe sometime. Congrats for landing on your feet. :coolsmile: Sundays are best for traffic. Go to the AGO;
    the restaurant there is acceptable. You could make some money restoring the townhouses across from the Art gallery. (AGO)

  4. Is that dot photoshopped on? If it’s really there, I’m pretty should it would be considered “probable cause” to pull you over. (much like custom plateholders that partially cover the state)
    try not to traffick drugs too often!

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