17 Replies to “Go Panthers! 8-0-1”

  1. If my post offends Leo or Henry I apologize and ask them to remove the post…. But, yes, congrats on the playoffs!

  2. Sorry to post this on your personal blog, but the TWiT blog is pretty flooded and I wasn’t sure if you would see my comment….
    You guys should do a holiday wish list episode of TWiT. I really loved those episodes of the Screensavers and miss seeing what you guys think the coolest gadgets are…
    Thanks for your time and keep up all the GREAT work!

  3. Ken and Stuman –
    This is Henry’s moment. This isn’t about what Leo should or has done. I find it disrespectful that you’ve stolen from Leo and Henry’s moment. No matter how well intentioned, post that stuff in the appropriate forums.

  4. My post was in no way to slight the prowess and the season that Henry’s team has displayed. I think your post may have done more harm in that. If I have caused any irreparable harm, Leo, please delete my first post.
    Again, Leo and Henry forgive my faux pas. Congrats on your fabulous season.
    Reid, I am sorry that you don’t have the “class” to send me a private message in this regard. Reid, I noticed that you never posted a congratulatory note to Henry and Leo…. Perhaps you should parctice what you preach.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  5. Ken, apparently you are blind as well as thoughtless. I posted a congratulations right before my message concerning your off topic post. And I’ll sleep just fine with how I handled the situation. If you are a tech fanboy, learn to post in the appropriate forum. Leo has a family life. He shares a cherished moment concerning his son. All I know is that if I were Henry, I’d feel a bit slighted how people use something concerning his accomplishment to fawn over someone else. There is more to Leo than spewing tech tips. It’s sad that people need to be prodded to provide some acknowledgement to something that doesn’t revolve around their interests.

  6. Reid,
    I had two messages…. One was the one posted — I tried to stop this message, but it was posted anyway. Sorry. I did not read your original posting, and that’s when I typed the second message. It was never posted.
    Yes, Leo has a personal life that is somewhat connected to his technical life. You cannot deny that.
    Again, I hope your life is filled with every good thing. BTW – Grow up….
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. Ken,
    It good to see you’ve taken the high road and tried to redirect the attention from yourself. As DKNIGHT has indicated – Grow Up. And as you have indicated – Practice what you preach. It would be great if you just took the criticism like a man. But I guess you’re just a weasel.

  8. Let’s hope the Panthers make it to the super bowl and win! Just say no to New England!

  9. As I post in all my other comments on Leo’s blog, I will give you a Gmail invitation, all you have to do is email me strikingvegeta[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. Leo,
    What teams are in the finals?
    Las Vegas
    P.S. The oddsmakers are not posting the lines on this event…. Best to you and your son.

  11. Off the topic……..
    I just received mine….. how about you? I’m talking about Leo Laporte’s 2006 Technology Alamanc…….
    I ordered my copy from Amazon.com —- You gotta get this excellent reference guide……
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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