If You Can Read This You’re Home

I’m in the process of transferring all my domains to new servers. Leoville.com and thisWEEKinTECH.com will share a server on The Planet. Leovilletownsquare.com will have its own server, also on the Planet. Leoville.tv and Leo.am – the radio show wiki – will be hosted by a new sponsor on the show. I’ll tell you about that soon. And DSLExtreme has kindly agreed to host all the podcast downloads for KFI and TLR.
If you’re reading this the new DNS has propagated and you’re looking at the new server!

4 Replies to “If You Can Read This You’re Home”

  1. Looks like the vizaweb servers crapped out again, good news that you finally decided to leave them.

  2. Well it’s nice to see some of the sites are up. 🙂
    I’ve been checking back in on Leovilletownsquare.com sence you closed it at 11:00AM PTz yesterday.
    Just kept getting the closed for repaving messate till arround 8:00PM PTz and sence then all I get is Server not found.
    Could it be taking longer to move over because of the ammount of data or could it be DNS servers just havn’t expired the old IP yet?
    I’ve cleared cache every 3 hours just incase it was not loading because of a stored IP on my part.

  3. Right on… The Planet does a nice job and has more bandwidth than God. I’ve had a box with them (their ServerMatrix division) for about two years with no complaints. My podcast (shameless plug) serves up quick! http://podcast.coasterbuzz.com/ Thanks for doing the systm show that revealed your podcast setup. It heavily influenced my own.

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