New ipod – Kevin was right

Camera phone image

ipod nano ships today
1000 songs 4gb $249 2gb $199
thinner than a no 2 pencil
full featured ipod
dock connnnector, photos, color screen
screen lock
42 grams. usb 2. 14 hr battery
white and black

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  1. Is that intentional? To make it look like “1984” (Big Brother, Newspeak etc.) with the huge screen at the back. It looks creepy to me.

  2. I was sitting about 3 rows behind Leo, but I didn’t want to bother him with boring TWIT-fandom. I did notice he was getting into the Kanye West show, though! The rest of the crowd seemed kind of puzzled (who is this Kanye guy?)
    Great to see the iPod Nano, but the ROKR was kind of a letdown. The phone felt pretty slow and clunky in my opinion. I’m loving that Nano and I’m gonna grab one when they come out. Too bad the SF Apple Store didn’t have one or I’d be coming home with one…

  3. That’s it?
    That’s the greatest thing sence the introduction of the I-Pod?
    You’d think with the intentional leak about the phones and everything he would be doing a bit of slight of hand for an early launch of the MacIntell series or a Video enabled I-Pod.
    I mean I was telling my friend online that I am disapointed with all the Sony ribbing from before that the next I-Pod may end up being some kind of Blue Ray DVRAM where you could write to the disk as well as play it.
    Oh well at least they have a new player to advertize 🙂
    Daniel Thomas Stack

  4. The new iPod nano looks like its going to be very popular! Leo, if you’re reading this, I watch you all the time and you are my favorite TV show host!!

  5. === 4gb $249 2gb $199 ===
    If you’re a teacher the price of the Nano is even cheaper….. You can also get the Nano engraved….. Super!!!!
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  6. I think that some TWITs need to check their spelling I found a few errors for example the word is “since” not sence and OMG is not a word. What does OMG mean any way “Oh My Goodness”?By the way I think we should get a video Ipod from Apple.

  7. I personally think it to be comical that Apple is trying to make such a big deal out of this release. Plus, where’s Jeff Goldblum in all of this? If you ask me it’s a way for Apple to dismiss the iPod Shuffle, because that’s basically what this is. Only now they added that LCD everyone was complaining about. So until Apple has something WORTH making a big hoo-ra about (ie. Releasing Mac OS on an Intel) don’t expect any praise from me. Besides, the world already has/had Mp3 players.

  8. I got the 4GB in black…. had it engraved, too……. It’s fantastic!!!!
    I can’t believe this little guy weighs in at under 2 ounces……
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  9. Ever saw that fake commercial of the iPod Flea? I’m waiting for Jobs to say heeeeyyyy lets actually make that!
    GMAIL gave me 100 invitations, want a Gmail Account?

  10. I think it’s so dumb that they have soo many ipod’s. The technoligie is there and not hard to make smaller, and smaller all they do is make one to start that seems amazing then they make it smaller, then add in technoligie that they had in the first place. They just want to get more and more money just wait for like a year and then you’ll adventualy get somthing really good. Is it really better to have it super small the ipod mini was fine even the normal ipod was fine. Adventualy there just going to become really small then really easy to lose and even break.

  11. Dude. I was joking around. You need to learn to lighten up. It’s just comments on a blog, not a letter to the editer.

  12. Leo, you managed to make it on to the Apple website. Go to the Features section of the iPod Nano and click on Podcast. The interface scrolls to TWIT and we hear the first couple seconds of Episode 20.

  13. Sergio Gamino it’s pretty funny that you complain about peoples’ spelling and grammer when you yourself have mad a grave mistake. I believe it’s called the iPod, not the Ipod.

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