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  1. -R -R -R -R -R
    Come on Leo, I’m getting tired from all this reloading. 😉

  2. Ooooooh… Hurry up already! 🙂
    Even though I already get CFH, I’m anxious to find out what the big news is. Maybe our good friends to the south will be soon see the triumphant return of Leo to their airwaves!

  3. How many more body parts can I cross???
    Let’s hope this is the announcement of a daily show returning to the states.
    I’m sure it would be way too much to hope for a production flip flop with Amber and Andy traveling to the states and allowing Leo to stay in his home country.
    Does this really mean I can drop my domain registration of ScrewG4.com? ;p

  4. Hey American companies can produce shows in Canada and the Canadian FCC won’t consider it Canadian.
    So what if Rogers bought the old TTV Studios and started doing the reverse producing some shows there that are Canadian staffed and produced?
    Would that work?
    and I really hopw Sara made it to the restroom.

  5. The CRTC would probably frown on producing in the United States although as long as there are sufficient Canadian staff and Canadian money going into it they might accept it. Rogers isn’t about to do anything like that though. (Personally I’d like to see G4-TechTV Canada do more domestic production and reduce the number of times they show stuff like “Filter” and “Arena”. We Canucks are more geeks than gamers.)

  6. I hope Call For Help is coming back to the States! Waiting for the news. :coolsmile:

  7. Well time to calm down a bit Leo posted over in the Messageboards that he had hopes that the press releases would be made and posted by the end of the business day friday.
    Well they wern’t so he is left in the lurch wanting to tell the world and yet constrained by his word to wait.
    I think that after a whole year without CFH in the US at all and longer for many areas we can wait a few days longer.

  8. 🙂 YES! I’m so happy for you Leo! Can’t wait to hear the details. I’m warming up my Tivo. Just let me know what channel and what time and day.

  9. It seems they are going to start showing Call for Help, Future Fighting Machines, & Nerd Nation on G4! Here is the C&p from some topic
    Tuesday August 16, 2005 6:52 PM
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    So, some drama today, huh?
    I know a lot of you guys are confused and a lot of you guys are pissed, and a lot of you guys are both. Obviously there’s been some misinformation going around and I thought it’d be a good idea to help clear some of it up. So, here we go:
    It was posted in the Maintenance board (a forum for moderators and admins to coordinate) that we’d be making some changes to the boards today. You guys can see the results of those changes by looking around the forums. Basically we’ve tried to streamline everything and get rid of redundant boards. So, since we knew we were getting Call For Help, the Tech Support forum should just be renamed to reflect that, which is what happened.
    Unfortunately, when that message got sent out to moderators, it wasn’t complete. It wasn’t any kind of malicious act, it’s just a “whoops, forgot to type that part” kind of deal. Then, even more unfortunately, someone decided to make that confidential and incomplete information public, and now we’re seeing the fallout from that.
    So, here’s where we are now:
    The Tech Support board has become the Call For Help board, as has always been the plan.
    Call For Help, along with Robot Wars, Future Fighting Machines, and Nerd Nation are going to start airing on G4 in the USA at the end of this month! (August 29th, I think. Keep an eye on the online schedule) Judging from the tons of email and PMs I’ve gotten about wanting the show back in the states, I’m guessing that’s got to make some people happy. And yes, Call For Help will be NEW episodes.
    And that’s it. Enjoy the tech!

  10. :cheese:Oh yay…oh yay!
    Now, if we can just get the old line-up back and get rid of all the 12-year-old gamer garbage.
    I wonder if Kate is available? It would be nice to have “Kake and Lego” back on the air! And Patrick…and everyone from the days of yore.
    I really miss the old TechTV shows…sighhhh

  11. OK…I am dying to hear the news…Mybe it means some of us in the states can see Leo now, but that’s wishful thinking. I hate I only saw him saying by on Showbiz Tonight. I didn’t know he would be on or I would have watched the whole show dangit!!

  12. While it would be great to have Kate or even Cat Schwartz back, the two current co-hosts, Amber MacArthur and Andy Walker, have shown themselves to be more than qualified to fill the roles of co-hosts. It’ll be a great day when CFH returns to the US.

  13. That we will be able to see Leo and CFH in US on TV sure enhances the Comcast cable subscription. That is great news. There will never be a network like the old one. Who doesn’t miss Kate and wonder how she’s doing on the NYC caberet/broadway scene?

  14. I am so thrilled that G4 won’t suck as bad now that we have LEO back on the airwaves in the U.S.!! About time G4 wised up and are now giving people what they want and that is the great Leo Laporte and the tech that us TechTV fans crave. Goes to show I guess that no one wants all video games all the time. They also want there techknowledge too!!! Welcome back Leo!!!

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