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  1. Funny how Leo has such a knack of bringing a smile to his audience. It appears here as though he’s even been able to get these two unsuspecting audience members to display a great smile and goo goo eyes to boot!!! Wonder why Kevin’s face is so red; is he blushing?

  2. Yes, he isn’t “smashed”. Although he had more to drink afterwards. All of you should watch Diggnation, and Listen to the Techphile podcast. Both of them are gonna rock. And there is a part in diggnation that will make you ROFLYAO! Anyway, it was great. I cant wait till they have another meetup. And yes, he loves Toronto!

  3. Hey there, Leo if you are reading this please respond to my question:
    I was the friend of the curly blonde hair kid at the TechTV meetup that had a Tablet PC. If you remember me, you remember that I am young. I was listening to the Techphile podcast from the TechTV meetup and during your interview with Frank (which I also managed to witness live), I heard you saying that you’re looking for interns. Well, if you’d be interested in having an intern I would absolutely love to work as an intern. Tell me what kind of qualifications I may need to do this. I am a hard worker. Please if you are interested contact me:

  4. I feel really stupid for adverting my email here. I just got subscribed to about 19 mailing lists :S Thank god for gmail 😀

  5. I second what capand said. I would also be interested, but i am second in line… What would one need to be qualified for such a prestigious position?
    you can also email me at nybble@nybbled.ca

  6. I hope Leo is reading this 😛 I can’t seem to find his e-mail does anyone know if he publicly gives it out?

  7. It looks like krose is smashed…thats why his face is so red. Or its leo announcing krose and ambermac are going out.

  8. LOL…I’m actually in that picture.
    It was a fun night. We had a blast. I was great to see the TechTV Canada crew again and meet some of the old TechTV crew for the first time too.
    Kevin wasn’t smashed, he just likes Toronto a lot. 😉

  9. Damn, I found out about it too late and missed it! You got to tell us earlier! I’m definitely going next time.

  10. Hey Leo…
    I just slapped together a video of the TechTV meetup in Toronto. Anyone who wants to check it out at jmorgan.tv please don’t mind the ‘no frills’ website it’s on. Hopefully the site works and the bandwidth keeps up. 🙂
    – Joel

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