Going commandN-do

I did my first video podcast with my friends from Call for Help, Amber and Mike, last week. It’s up now on CommandN.tv.
I must have been drunk because I told everyone to stop voting for TWiT and Diggnation on Podcast Alley and vote for Command-N instead. I guess that’s one way to stop the war.

My “friend” Dan tells me I look tired and puffy in the piece. Hey, that’s why I do radio these days.

Do keep watching after the credits for my Alanis Morrisette moment.

10 Replies to “Going commandN-do”

  1. Hahah, I liked the ending the best. :p
    Yeah, I got a little scared when you said to stop voting for TWiT. Hope to see you again on Command-N soon.

  2. Great job on Command-N Leo, but stay away from those TNT’s! You’re on a roll this week. First a funnier that usual TWIT and now this. It must be the sleep depreviation kicking in.

  3. Hahaha…That Command-N video was FUNNY! I didn’t think Leo was drunk as so much as being snarky and tired from a hard day at work. (grin)
    Anyway, I admire Leo’s hard work in going up to Canada so often just to do a show there! That’s nuts! But it speaks volumes about how hard he’s willing to work to do what he loves and keep us informed an entertained. (I also admire the risks that Kevin is taking as well.)
    TWiT is the most fun I’ve had listening to geeks in years. It reminds me of talking tech with my fellows when I worked in the PC industry, so it makes me feel at home.
    Thanks Leo and TWiTs!

  4. You looked so tired! It looks like you could use some rest and perhaps some new “friends” 🙂

  5. Thats ok Leo. We still love ya.
    I do have to admit that you did look pretty funny. 😆

  6. TWiT is #2 on iTunes Top Podcasts!Al Franken is now nervous Leo will run against him for the Minnesota Senate position.

  7. First time I’ve ever witnessed a drunk Leo. It was uhh…interesting.
    Anyway, I’m VERY happy that all of you guys are doing so well in your podcasting and whatnot. I love Diggnation and TWiT. This was my first time watching Command N, but I think I’ll be checking that out on a regular basis now, too. Good stuff.

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