Blast and a Half

I‘m back from MacMania 3.5 – the Baltic Blast – and it was aptly named. We had incredible weather for the entire trip. In point of fact, it might have been too hot in some cities. My son, Henry, and I visited Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany, made a bunch of new friends on board ship, and took a thousand pictures. I’ve posted some of the best on my Flickr Account.
Next trip: MacMania IV to Mexico. It leaves from San Diego, February 4, 2006 and runs concurrently with Photoshop Fling III. Burt Monroy, Steve Wozniak, and a cast of incredible MacHeads are scheduled to sail. I hope you’ll join us.

Now it’s on to Canada to tape Call for Help, then back to the Leoville Labs in time for TWiT 14. I need a vacation from my vacation!

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  1. Great to see you home Leo! You’ve been missed on the last 2 TWiT’s, its just not the same without you.
    I wish I could get Call for Help here in New York, but I just hope you start doing some video content with Kevin over at Systm (whatever happened to doing TWiT on video, I heard it mentioned like the first couple episodes but never again).

  2. Now Leo didn’t I repetedly insist you try to rest on this trip to make it so you would be able to recover from the recent other demands on you.
    I mean you do need to rest we don’t want you to have to switch to Just for men to keep people from worrying about how fast your hair is greying.
    As soon as TWiT 14 is Edited please do everything you can to rest and relax.
    Also make sure to check out the two TWiT’s you wern’t home to participate in so you don’t end up like Rog making a comment contrary to what was already discussed.
    Thanks again for all the pictures and glad you had fun just wish you got more rest.
    Daniel Thomas Stack

  3. Welcome back Leo! Glad you got home safely [in light of the blasts in London]Your flickr pics are great, thanks for sharing them with us. :coolsmile:

  4. Hey Leo:
    Great to hear that you’re back. Stumbled across a few broken podcast links on TWIT, but I am glad to read it should be corrected for iTunes. I’ll check it out.
    Rob Fay
    Partial Recall –

  5. Hey Leo. I don’t know where I can say this so I’m just going to say it here. I’m seriously disappointed in you right now. Your endorsement of Vizaweb is what got us to switch over to them after 2+ years at our old host. Vizaweb has been nothing but a pain for us since we’ve been with them in March. They aren’t even returning phone calls anymore or responding to e-mails. They suspended our site without any warning or giving us a reason. We were having DNS issues for over 2 months and our subdomains were never working

  6. Leo I am glad you and henry had a great time on your vacation on MacMania 3.5 – the Baltic Blast cruise. While you were away Patrick did an fantactic job of producing tWiTcast 12 and 13. I am looking forward of return on KFI this weekend and on tWiTcast # 14 on sunday night or as soon it becomes available on Itunes.

  7. Welcome back Leo………we missed you. Time to get Leo’s Legions and that TWIT army whipped back into shape!

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