9 Replies to “Time for TWiT”

  1. That’s the weirdest Lab i’ve ever saw … But because its got Leo and Patrick in, it makes it very much better.

  2. The Leoville labs are a room in the upstairs of Leo’s house.
    Same place he does his radio show.
    Based on the angle of the sun, and the time of day, California, the window is facing.. Leo lives at 173462 West Bayveiw road in Rochester Minnisota!
    Wait Shoot!

  3. Actually the Attic TWiT office isn’t in the attic of Leo’s Abode.
    He got an office in a converted Bed and Breakfast.
    That way he could post the address for the place without giving everyone a road map to his family.
    The old Leoville labs were in the home on the farm and that is why we wern’t given the address.

  4. What sort of room are you guys in??? That looks like a Bathroom sink an dMirror, but the rest look like an office.

  5. Um isn’t this the picture from last week when Pat was in the labs?
    I could have sworn I saw him in a White shirt this time 😀
    I won’t say anything else I saw but it is great seeing more than one TSS Alumnist on the same Network Camera again.

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