13 Replies to “Really?”

  1. It depends on which recipe you look at.
    Some are beer battered french fries others are more like breadded soft potato chips.
    The only place I ever saw them was across the state line in California.

  2. Hi Leo,
    As another fan is Australia, i also have never heard of Battered Potatoes
    really weird…

  3. hey Leo…. this your rea aussie mate…. and no… there are no battered potatoes in australia.

  4. Leo
    Speaking as your Aussie correspondent, I’ve never heard of a battered spud 🙂
    Having said that, I’ll give it a whirl!

  5. Hey leo,scott from australia says,
    Didn’t make the conection betwene potato cake and battered patato. yea i like potato cakes yum!!

  6. ahh scallops..now I know what you are talking about…
    just like slices of potato on the bbq, but thicker, and deep fried.
    go well with fish n’ chips.
    potato cakes??? haha you people are crazy..
    ps. Leo someone needs to tell Amber how to pronounce Australian Towns and States without an ascent.

  7. Nice grammar on that sign… someone needs to take a lesson on apostrophe usage. LOL

  8. skartel – thats at the minnesota state fair… I had those last year at that stand and didnt think much of it… boy were those fatty.

  9. Dan maybe when they incorrectly wrote “Australian’s Just Love Em” theyonly meant what it means;one Australian, hence the confusion. Only one
    Australian like them.
    Here on PEI we have battered potatos when the potato truck spills
    some as he turns a corner. Although I must say the pavement peels them
    nicely 😛

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