4 Replies to “Must Be The L-tryptophan”

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  2. Nice BandStand but you do know that they proved that each person would have to eat 30 or more pounds of Turkey in less than an hour to be put to sleep by it.
    Still this is nicely staged. Pun intended.
    Looking forword to what shows up in the future. 😀

  3. That reminds of that seinfeld episode when Jerry was dating a woman who father collected old toys from the 70’s but she would not let jerry play with them so he brought over some turkey (tryptophan) and wine for dinner to make her fell drossy and for to sleep so george and jerry could plays with the electronic Mattel football game and etch-a-sketch.

  4. So… Was he really hypnotized????
    It was nice finally meeting you and Henry Saturday evening.
    Thanks for taking a minute to chat with us.
    Alan, Janet and Joseph.

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