Recent Podcast Interviews

I’ve been making the rounds to publicize this WEEK in TECH, but instead of the traditional media tour (I’m doing some of that, yes) I’m also doing as many podcasts as I can.
Look for podcast interviews with theses folks:

More to follow.

14 Replies to “Recent Podcast Interviews”

  1. McGuffin
    Ewe may not know this, Leo sold the farm. And I think the Goats and sheep have also moved on to other pastures.

  2. Oh well, there goes that idea. I thought I remembered him mentioning somewhere he was moving, wasn’t sure. You’re a lamb for telling telling me.

  3. Hi Leo..I would like to offer you an opportunity to promote TwiT on This Week in Amateur Radio. As you know, This Week in Amateur Radio has been carrying your podcast each week since last September. We recently started an “international” service on WBCQ shortwave. Both our ham band and shortwave programs are podcast. We also are heard via C-Band atellite sub-carrier. If you would like to do a brief interview/promotion, please let me know. You can e-mail me You can check out our services and podcasts at
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    George Bowen
    This Week in Amateur Radio International

  4. But, when is the normal Twit cast coming out? Looking for #9…having a withdrawal fit! 😛

  5. This is great – I loved the Geekcast interview — very well done and so informative! Thanks, Leo. BTW, are you still sharing the KFI weekend shows? I miss them. Thanks.

  6. Hey Leo,I think you should do KnitCast and talk about your sheep. Maybe you can get a whole new demographic. My girlfriend listens to it all the time and knows next to nothing about Podcasting. Maybe you can even get some free custom iPod socks!

  7. Leo,
    The interview on Chuckchat was the most enlightening I have heard you do. Really enjoyed it and to hear more stuff like that.

  8. Hey Leo –Glad to hear that your are publicizing thw TWiT Cast… But where is episode 9 at? Withdrawals…ahhhhh

  9. Woops. Didn’t preview before I posted… I meant “the” not “thw” up there.

  10. You should always think of your health first. That would give me a chance to catch up one your podcats. Happy father’s day and I think I will be doing the same thing 1.

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