Moblog Gallery

Jade Charles at Textamerica has very kindly shipped me all the moblog pictures I have taken over the past couple of years and posted on their great site. I no longer have a moblog there, but I have put up a gallery of the images – nearly 1500 in all – at It’s a mini tour of the last days of TechTV. Kinda brings a smile to the lips and a tear to the eye. At least it will give you something to do while I continue work on this week’s TWiT!

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  1. lol, ive been refreshing ipodder since like monday night. but i think you guys could just release an “extra long” podcast sunday. or you can do whatever you want, because it IS your podcast. lol. but i hope you guys are all doing OK.

  2. Wow! Awesome Jade was able to do that! Would have been a shame to loose all of those wonderful pics! :coolsmile:

  3. Leo,
    Could I please get a Gmail account from you?
    Really like your show, been a fan since 2000.
    We are a Mac family, but needed to purchase a pc laptop to go with my 11″ Celestron telescope.
    4 laptops – 3 ibooks (a G4 & 2 G3s) and an Acer 2303 all on Airport, plus an upgraded 8600 (G3/500 mgz). All are linked on a local network.
    Again, looking for Gmail account

  4. hi leo great pod cast this week. tell yosh congrats on getting his new job. and that we want action figure of all you guys. hope to see you on tv soon but it sound like we will see you on the web tell us how to do it when it comes about. 🙂

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