10 Replies to “O-hi-O”

  1. I had a great time. Well worth the travel time. Thank you Leo for meeting with us!:)

  2. I have been calling Athens “Leoville” for today only. So welcome to Leoville, Ohio.

  3. OK. Photogenic ones upfront… Ahhh leo, guy in the screensavers Tshirt… and ummm ok everyone else in the back 😉 Im sorry im a mean person

  4. I had a blast and it looked as though everybody else who attended did also. The breakfast meeting with Leo was put together very well by Wayne_in_Akron and it was nothing less than live, in-person regional skype! It was nice to meet so many chatters and be able to associate a live person on the other end of the weekend scrolling text. Thanks all, and of course Leo, for making this such a fine event.
    I know some people couldn’t attend for various reasons and you missed a good one – and we missed you being there with us – but try and get on the schedule the next time Leo’s in your neighborhood!
    I was lucky enough to get Wayne to sell me a couple kitchen magnets to put on my car but then they wouldn’t stick to my plastic Saturn! Argh! Hah!!!

  5. I think everyone had a fun day. I didn’t get a chance to make it to the breakfast, but the lunch was great. Leo is even better in person than he is on radio and TV.

  6. That’s insane!
    We don’t have these in Canada. HOW do you pay for them? Credit card? Fill us in Leo!

  7. hello to our new friends in ohio. michael and i had a great time. everyone was so hospitable. the breakfast with leo was fanstatic!!! let’s do it again. it was good to finally meet wayne_in_akron.great job wayne! rob we ate at ruby tuesdays.couldn’t find a parking place at skippers.thanks for the bfast pics,rob.bamaman

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