20 Replies to “Alex Lindsay, Kevin Rose, and me in Toronto”

  1. Kevin Rose, and Leo in Toronto at the same time… Very Cool!!!! All we need is Dan, Sarah and Pat. You picked a great day to be here to boot!!

  2. I hope so me! kevin would be better off quiting g4 all together ! I also hope a us channel will pick up call-for-help.

  3. “That pic could use some “Photoshopping”, way dark. 😉 Macs still have that problem !??”
    what does a crappy camera phone have to do with macs?

  4. I remember awhile back I think it was either on TWiT or Call for Help Leo saying that Kevin was going to be on Call for Help, and I can’t wait to see him on there!

  5. It is great to see all of you together again!
    My students and I all miss you in shows like “The Screen Savers” and “Call for Help”. Hopefully you will soon be picked-up by a respectable network, bringing back the shows your talents made so successful.
    Our only reason for watching G4 is to see Kevin & Sarah, unfortunately switching channels when the ***** (term defined by a person with the maturity of a six year old) show up.
    Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon :coolsmile:

  6. I miss the Tech TV gang. I used to Tivo “Call for Help” and “Screen Savers” every day. The new shows on G4 have no appeal to me at all. Please, find a way back. (Leo, you’re my Mac hero.) :coolsmile:

  7. Neat Pic Leo with the ‘Caution’ sign!And Thanks Sean for the xtra pics you posted on Flickr. They’re great!! 😆

  8. Photoshop and Dark Tips on Call For Help, Cool.
    Can not miss this post, looks like it has been entered 4 times.

  9. “Photoshop and Dark Tips on Call For Help, Cool.”
    That pic could use some “Photoshopping”, way dark. 😉 Macs still have that problem !?? Good to them together again. Those Eps will be GREAT !

  10. I suspect that kevin will be ending his carrer with g4 usa and doing call for help and other tech related things.

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