Kallaway on the Rise

I’ll be on with Dave and Stacy of Kallaway on the Rise on 95.5 WIFC central Wisconsin tomorrow morning. Just finished taping the interview – and what a pair of geeks! (No podcast – it was a phoner.)
Also coming up from noon-1p Pacific today: An interview with Murray Wood on 980 CJME Regina, Saskatechwan and 650 CKOM Saskatoon. I should be able to podcast that one on TLR later today. Listen live at http://cjme.com or http://ckom.com.

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  1. Dave is such a Leo fanboy, according to his website. So geeky, too. And from my former neck of the woods, too. Wausau should be so lucky.

  2. Bummer, my two favorite radio personalities in one shot and I can’t listen. I used to listen to Dave Kalloway when he was on Magic 105 out of La Crosse and then again when I was going to school in Marshfield – which is in the Wausau listening area. I now live in Eau Claire and can’t pick-up WIFC.

  3. I know this probably isn’t the best place for this comment and after the site trouble earlier tonight it isn’t the best time.
    But I have to ask.
    Have you stopped posting the audio from the KFI shows?
    The last weekend I know is not due for posting yet but the weekend before I ended up missing almost a whole hour from each due to server lag and I would really like to listen to them eventually.
    I only add to the harping on the matter I know but between the move and everything I am just hoping that those hours won’t be lost in the shuffle.
    Daniel Thomas Stack

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