Two New TLR postings

There are two new postings in The Laporte Report podcast:

Subscribe to The Laporte Report podcast at (paste that URL into your podcast software).

Starting tomorrow this WEEK in TECH (the show formerly known as The Revenge of The Screen Savers or ROTSS) will no longer be on the TLR feed. It will have its own feed at Please add that URL to your podcast software, as well. For other formats and the BitTorrent feed URLs visit the new TWiT web site.

3 Replies to “Two New TLR postings”

  1. Leo between packing the TWiT site KFI and the production wiki for CFH 2.0 where do you find the time and energy for all of this?
    TY for all your work and I’m enjoying listening to all of it.
    Daniel Thomas Stack

  2. I realize this is an ancient post but I don’t suppose you could fix the broken link to Lifedrive audio. I’m kind of interested in hearing it.

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