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  1. Leo,
    Check out “Private Browsing” on Tiger Safari, it’s in answer to Ronn’s question about being careful with history and the saving of sensitive information… http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/safari/
    I’ve been watching you since ’98 on ZDTV, and I’ll continue to listen and hopefully watch you for years to come, you’re a Boon to the world of Tech, even my wife loves listening to you and she isn’t even a big tech person 🙂

  2. In Safari, you can clear it from the History menu or by using the Reset Safari item under the Safari menu. You can clear the cookies through the Security pane of the preferences or again use the Reset Safari item. If you just clear your cookies, cache, and history, you’re good. Safari’s “Private Browsing” feature in Tiger will be really useful for this too.

  3. Leo with how much air time you are getting lately, I’m suprised that Clear Channel isn’t at least hinting at syndication to other stations in their network.
    Definately going to be listening today.

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