this WEEK in TECH is up

The new site for our podcast is now up at or I’m using the very very nice Drupal content management system. I’m liking it even better than Expression Engine at this point. It’s simple simple simple but extremely powerful.
For example, subscribers to the podcast are automatically registered on the site and I am able to give them special privileges like enhanced bandwith, special sections, more control over the appearance of the site, and so on. Check it out. All that’s lacking is a nice design – the generic design is just fine, but I’d like something more fitting. We’ll work on it.

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  1. Yay Leo! I love the podcast, I’ve been a loyal ZDTv/TechTV fan since 1998, It used to be so pretty 🙁

  2. Is it just me or is not working yet? Maybe the DNS just hasn’t resolved yet.

  3. Just to chime in, I can’t access the sites either. Can’t WAIT for this and Systm to get rolling. I miss real tech content.

  4. Yes, Jon, it was pretty. I still miss kate, :P. I was a religous viewer back in the ZDTV days. Watched every night there was a new episode.. Gosh, I remember seeing UNIX COMMANDS entered on-air. Ah, those were the days. During TECHTV I watched quite often. Never watched an episode after it turned into Com-Crash’s G4Idiots.
    Anyway, good luck with TWIT leo. Soon as i’ve got 20 bucks, it’s coming your way, :).

  5. I LOVE THE SHOW. thank you so much for starting it up. i love TWIT!!! i’m soo happy to here you guys together again. There’s a god! & you guy’s are god’s of geek!!!

  6. Are you still doing the torrents? I can’t find any torrent files on the new site. I’ve found it’s the most pain free way (for me at least) to get the show.

  7. I’m posting here cuz when I log onto the TWIT website now, I get no content, just a blank page, although it worked fine earlier today. I see others are have experienced this too.
    I just had a chance to listen to the latest TWIT show after some problems downloading it– the wait was really worth it. It’s so enjoyable to hear you boys talking tech together again! It fills the void so many of us experienced with the demise of TechTV, which of course is why your broadcast is already so wildly popular. I think this is going to be really HUGE. BTW, channeling John C. Dvorak was just hilarious, Leo! I didn’t realise you were psychic, in addition to your other talents. Looking forward to next week.

  8. Great show. Was not a TSS hardcore follower but did watch from time to time. This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I enjoy every minute of it.

  9. I am having the same problem logging into the site. it takes my name and password and then I getAccess denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.

  10. Yeah I am having the same problem as some others, it was working fine yesterday, I could comment and everything, now today it’s giving me Access Denied a lot. Do I have to donate just to comment or something. What’s up?

  11. Thanks for all of your hard work and effort I wanted to let you know that is it greatly appreciated.

  12. I’m having a big problem with the TWIT site. I registered but got a PHP error on submission but when I try to register again, it tells me my ID and email address are already taken. If I ask to have my password sent to me I get another PHP error like this one.
    warning: main(/home/twittv/public_html/modules/textile/textilephp/Textile.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/twittv/public_html/modules/textile/textile.module on line 50.
    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘/home/twittv/public_html/modules/textile/textilephp/Textile.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/twittv/public_html/modules/textile/textile.module on line 50

  13. LEO, there are extremely indecent images, including gay and shi**ing images being submitted as logos on the TWIT.TV comments! Please take a look ASAP–not family or work safe and your readers are calling out for you to remove them.

  14. I too am having the same problem with the TWIT – ACCESS DENIED! It worked fine the day I logged on and setup the account, but now all I get this Access Denied after I trie to click on something. I can’t send email from the site or look at the other Blog entries.
    Since I’m not the only one having this problem there must be some cog in the wheel that affects either the system we are or something along those lines. Hopefully Leo can get it sorted out so we all can use the information there.

  15. I would love to give away our iPed2’s on the podcast. iPed’s are very high end iPod stands. How many listeners to the podcast would like one? For more info see the website at and TELL LEO YOU WANT THESE ON THE SHOW!

  16. Dude, we’d be glad to give them away. I heard Dawn and Drew talking about them. I’m always looking for stuff to give our subscribers/donors. Just send me an email!

  17. The access denied thing is caused by various issues. The biggest one right now that I’m having trouble fixing is caused by the fact that the site has two URLs: and – something weird is going on with the DNS.
    Check to make sure you’re not logged out. Switching from one url to the other (I wasn’t consistent with my links) can cause this.

  18. Leo, I have some music you could possibly use for ROTSS that I’ve made recently. What would be the best way to send these to you for your consideration?

  19. Isn’t is just amazing how fast Drupal installs? I couldn’t believe it was up and ready for configuration in less than 30 minutes. And that’s with putzing around setting up the DB.

  20. Having problems, but it could be I’m not setting it up right. Could TwiT have a text file transcript of the shows on the site?

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