The Last ROTSS…

And the first TWIT. This WEEK in TECH is up for May 1, 2005. This edition is an hour long, because we had so much good stuff.
In this episode: We come up with a new name and new URL. Patrick reviews WinHEC. John C. Dvorak visits from beyond the grave. We answer listener questions about Tiger. And Kevin picks our site of the week: Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Heron, and John C. Dvorak for a look at This WEEK in TECH.

Thanks and a tip of the Red Hat to Mark Blasco for the very fun TSS clone theme we end the show with. Now that we have a name, please email me your logo ideas, theme music, too, to I’ve registered and and we’ll be moving to that domain later in the week.

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110 Replies to “The Last ROTSS…”

  1. Some people may listen to this with other people around like at work or around their family and don’t want to be in fear of someone cursing and them getting frowned at.

  2. I’m suprised no one has given a shout out for the TSS Esque music that got posted for the show thru the messageboards.
    And what about how they kicked it off with the Charlies Angels theme from the TV series?
    It’s kinda sad that Pat doesn’t have time to post on his blog yet but did anyone else notice that if the name stays TWITS then no one wins the Box of Crap?
    And I wonder is there any way to gaurentee that caller 5 will be Audible?
    And I didn’t see a note on it but did Yoshi get left out of the show because of Dvorak or was he also unable to try to come along and join in this time?
    Still listening and well Cyber Stalking TTYL 😀

  3. Because people will be listening to the program in those situations, they probably shouldn’t be swearing during the podcast, BUT, they do have the ability and the right to do whatever in the world they want to do.

  4. There’s a little bit of swearing at the end, just turn it off when the theme comes up and you’ll be ok. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    You don’t need an iPod to subscribe to the podcast feed – that’s the best way to get it. If you don’t have a portable MP3 player it will just copy the file to your computer. iPodderX works best with the torrents. To use Doppler or Lemon ipodder with the torrent feeds you’ll need to read their instructions for using torrents. They both work if you have BitTorrent software installed.

  5. I’ll continue to try to keep the file added as the TLR one hosted on torrents no matter what.
    I could try to get more files but I think it is a bit rediculas to DL more than one copy of the same show.
    Here’s hoping that enough people on all formats are still keeping the files in their torrent progs to have the seeds available.

  6. This is so great! Thanks so much to the “original ganstas of tech” for bringing back quality tech talk 🙂 You guys seriously need to talk with XM/Sirius and see if you can get a show on there. That would be awesome. Keep up the great work and thanks!

  7. An hour long? That’s great! It’ll help pass the time while waiting forever for Firefox to build. I already got my $2 worth for this month, apparently!

  8. As long as you guys have a link that saves as an MP3 (and does NOT automatically open up windows media player like the podcast links seem to do, with no option to save as a file without listening) I am very happy.
    I think this would be an incredible addition to one of the satellite radio programs as per someone elses suggestion!

  9. I’m not too fond of the name TWIT. First off, it sounds pretty corny when you abbreviate it. Second off….well thats about it.
    I’m still happy 🙂

  10. I don’t care if it has or continues to have cursing in the show. It just seemed like other times bad language was bleeped out so it gave the feeling the show was trying to be younger listener friendly. So I thought it might have sliped past in editing and wasnt ment to stay in so therefore I found it funny 🙂
    So by all means curse it up where appropriate as it gives the show a more natural and honest feel.

  11. Well you got to understand that Leo was running late posting this. He was probably on at 2 in the morning up there editing this thing, and I’m not surprised he might have missed it. I still remember in the first episode how he let a “Revenge of the ScreenSavers” get through.
    The show is still awesome. Count on my own subscription later this week, when paypal stops being a pain 🙁

  12. i lauged my ass off when leo dropped the f bomb…
    Leo instead of doing edits, maybe you could put together an edited, and unedited raw chat episode.
    I noticed when i listened to the podcast today that you said you talked for almost 2 hours…. but the audio was only 1 hour.
    It would be great if we could hear the rest of the stuff you guys talked about… i am sure other TSS fans would agree with me?

  13. :-S Dude, I subscribed and then we switch to nothing but bit torrent files? I’m trying to pull the show down from an Army connection here in Iraq… but bit torrent is not allowed and weird ports are blocked. This sucks. Anyone got a mirror that’s not on a weird port?

  14. Hey Leo!
    Love the show! I already subscribed(!?) for the $2/month. This makes me actually look forward to rush hour so I can listen :bug: !
    Keep up the good work! Love the guests! Maybe more like Kate, Jessica, Martin, etc?

  15. I would also love to see an uncensored release each week. Obviously you’d need to go in and bleep out “TSS” mentions, but the rest, swearing, could be left alone. It’s not as if you’re just sitting around repearing the seven dirty words to eachother while doing George Carlin voices. It isn’t a huge deal, but one of the advantages of this is that you don’t have some FCC entity hovering over your shoulders, so it’d be great to have a more natural feeling show. Not that it doesn’t feel natural already, but the bleeping isn’t that necessary since most of us are adults.

  16. Great job Leo, Patrick, and K-Rose. I like the “Non Screen Savers” theme. Keep it. Unless the G4 Gestapo lawyers have a problem.

  17. Thank goodness the old crew is back. It’s just not the same on a certain network. Perhaps a new show on DIY network???? pretty please…. 😉

  18. I LOVE the new audio version of the greatest tech show ever and I hope that video is coming soon with these podcasts(they should really be called netcasts since some people still don’t have an IPOD!!!).
    I just hope that everybody involved doesn’t get to concerned with the “PRODUCTION” of the podcasts whether it is audio or video. I would love to hear the unedited versions of each show. I really enjoy the friendly banter between Leo and the gang that you rarely hear or see on TV or Radio. Leo was the glue that held the old TSS together and as long as he is the main host of the new show, all the “Lights, Camera, Action” stuff will not be very critical. I’m just pleading for solid tech talk without all the fluff.
    I think the fluff might be holding up the new thebroken videos????????

  19. Please post an alternative to funds transfer via PP. I will never use that service again!!
    But, $20/year is cheap and I want to do my part…

  20. Thank you Leo for providing the Donation Option where we don’t have to have a PayPal account! Just happily Donated $25 to cover the year + a bit.Hope you can keep it going for a long time. 😉
    Not a bit surprised at the response you have gotten on this project.

  21. Leo,
    I’ll be switching to a $20 subscription tomorrow.
    Didn’t see the three choices until after you posted them a few hours later.
    I don’t mind the swearing. At least you and the others are human which is more than I can say about radio these days.
    And again don’t spend our donations all in one place. I personally want more BANG for my buck.

  22. Hey Leo – I think the show is great and, now that I’ve completely ditched The Entity Formerly Known as TechTV, this is wonderful.
    One thing – Doppler is choking on the AAC torrent feed, and I think it’s because in you reference the URLs with just a plain ampersand in the query strings. Although this really shouldn’t matter, I think Doppler is processing the RSS as true XML, and using & might make it happier.

  23. Hey Leo if you want to support the show somehow without advertising, why not try this:
    Every person who subscribes to your podcast (say the $20 a month deal), recieves a free TWIT T-Shirt, or how about one of the shirts Kevin wears (forget the company name sorry).
    Hey it could work. Try an online store as well. Ya never know.

  24. That name is so weak. Not to mention the fact that you stated in Episode 2 that you were going to have 5 finalists and would pick a winner from that. And after people sat around for probably hours coming up with nearly 2000 ideas for you, you go back on what you said. The only thing weaker than that the name is the fact that 80 % of the show was dedicated to Apple and the Mac. Which is less than ten percent of the country and only 40% of the 5 on the show.

  25. I am having the same issue with iPodder. It says it downloaded, but it really is just 4k of nothing… Any suggestions? I will download the direct mp3 for now but would like the iPodder route to work. Can’t wait to listen! 🙂

  26. oh stymie, you litte rascal…
    you have a point about the name of the show…but don’t have to get all pissy.
    so what if the show was all mac stuff this time? Mac’s are usually overlooked..why not have a whole show about them..90% of the time all you hear is PC related.

  27. and for all the people asking for crap for paying the subscription, please…you’re already getting the damn show. A podcast which is better than most stuff on tv! Support the show for what it is..not for the stuff that possibly could get handed to you.

  28. I’m sure if you’re any brand of tech geek, your friends and family have heard their fair share of cursing. Just the other day I had a fresh copy of XP (less than 30-minutes old on a fresh drive) lock up and crash. I got extremely creative with the profanities and let them fly for all the world to hear. Somehow I remember it involving Bill Gates, a quart of liquified cheese, and Janet Reno’s crusty old pantyhose.
    Honestly, hearing Leo say, “You f**kers!” was one of the highlights of the show. We’ve only ever seen these guys all polished and ready for broadcast. This is how I (and many people) interact with their friends. I thought it added a whole new layer to the level of interaction between the talent that allows the listeners identify with them.
    Example: John C. Dvorak. He always seemed like the elder professor of the old ZD group. I wasn’t too fond of him. After last night’s show, I have a newfound respect for the guy. Equating a listener to a mass murderer, Tech T&A… the guy is a comedy genius. He defenitely needs to come back.
    Now, we wouldn’t want the Deadwood of podcasts… but a little swearing never did anyone wrong.

  29. I don’t really like Dvorak or agree with anything he says either, but he is entertaining as a personality. I still remember watching Silicon Spin just for all the nonsense arguing he would provoke 😉

  30. I just PayPaled $20 for the Yearly subscription its worth every penny.
    Wife and I are enjoying Listening to the sessions, we really missed you guys when the original TSS went off the air.
    I bought my First Computer a Commodore 64 about 22 years ago and its been a blast since, and of all the PC related shows I’ve ever seen. TSS was top notch.
    Glad you guys have formed and are doing this. I hope you make enough money from the audio stuff to pay for a Video Version.

  31. The cursing did bother me. Leo’s fans hold him to a much higher standard. Not only teenagers and adults listen to the show, but younger crowd as well. My son is a big ‘Leo’ fan (9 1/2 yrs old), we listen to his KFI show every week (sometimes more than once — we get the podcast) and I know it is SAFE to listen to around him. It would be a boone if TWIT was Safe as well. I don’t think any fans would quit listening if you STOPPED cursing… but you may lose a few if you don’t.Leo, our whole family listens to you and reads your blogs and help out on the !!!!! Glad you guys are back together!!!!!

  32. I’d be interested in an ‘uncut’ version as well. Presumably you’re editing it down to keep the show at a reasonable length, but in podcasting that’s less of an issue. Offering them both would be perfect. Some of us have REALLY long commutes.

  33. Yeah, that name is so incredibly generic. In the future, don’t ask for input if you’re not going to use any of the ideas. My name, and I’m sure a lot of other names, are more creative and eye-catching than the one you guys chose to use. That being said, the show is great, but the name is still disappointing.

  34. Yeah an uncut version for subscribers would be great.
    How about switching to a shoutcast or something similar? Where we could listen live when it happens and it can play the most recent recording when it’s off the air.
    A friend of mine did that for the radio broadcast and then took “live” callers using teamspeak in a moderated channel, only voiced people when it was time to ask the question.

  35. this release was great, it was awesome to hear dvoark again, hes a funny guy. emailing audio questions is a good concept. although video would be nice, even hearing you guys talk tech is fine. keep the shows coming!

  36. I really miss the old ZDTV and Tech TV days. There is nothing like this anymore on G4, and overall I am disappointed in it’s programming. I really don’t think I am hip enough for videogames anymore. Thanks guys for making this. I am and will continue to be a loyal fan and supporter.
    We Want The Airwaves!

  37. How about T-shirts? They could say “I’m A TWIT…” on the front and “Member” on the back…or little buttons that would say “I’m A TWIT”. Just some ideas to help promote the show. Love the show by the way…hehehe.

  38. Yes, more gratuitous swearing! No seriously, I felt warm all over hearing you talk like a human being Leo. An unedited cut would be great, but pickers can’t be choosers. Keep em coming.

  39. The options are great, but please don’t forget those of us that subscribe to the RSS Feeds from a PDA! We don’t have a bittorrent client (yet!), and would love to have the lo-fi version of the show, so we’re looking forward to!

  40. Listening to the old gang from TechTV brings back great memories, could you possibly get Martin Sargent to join you guys on TWIT in the future? That would be awesome.

  41. Has anyone had any luck using a Windows podcast receiver for any of these feeds. I have trying using iPodder and Doppler and both give back errors when trying to download the torrent feeds. Also, I have tried using TLR feed, and the TWIT show just downloads a 1k file. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried the above on multiple systems.

  42. I’m upset that John Dvorak’s audio was screwed up. Hope he will be back on the show again.
    Rob Heron is awesome.
    cool show :kiss:

  43. Loved the show. But the name… not so much. After reading though all the comments, and listening to the show… what happen to doing a poll of all the top names? So that the results don’t get skewed how about only allowing 1 vote from each person that subscribed even? If you guys can’t narrow it down how about do a poll of say 50 of the top one you guys like, then narrow down to 10 out of those, then to 5, and then pick the top? Run each poll for 2 days and you’ll have a new name by next week.
    Also would love to hear the unedited version! I havn’t subscribed yet.. please offer another option besides PayPal! Any place I can send a check?!

  44. Great Show, I was hoping that you would be able to bring back Dvorak. It reminds me of just how great Silicon Spin used to be.

  45. This was deffinantly the best yet! the rest of the episodes shoul be an hour or 2 long. The end was hilarious! I’ve never heard Leo cuss 😆

  46. GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a radio show! I mean, look at you, look at the way you’re dressed! You’ve turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! 🙂

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