The Last ROTSS…

And the first TWIT. This WEEK in TECH is up for May 1, 2005. This edition is an hour long, because we had so much good stuff.
In this episode: We come up with a new name and new URL. Patrick reviews WinHEC. John C. Dvorak visits from beyond the grave. We answer listener questions about Tiger. And Kevin picks our site of the week: Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Heron, and John C. Dvorak for a look at This WEEK in TECH.

Thanks and a tip of the Red Hat to Mark Blasco for the very fun TSS clone theme we end the show with. Now that we have a name, please email me your logo ideas, theme music, too, to I’ve registered and and we’ll be moving to that domain later in the week.

Subscribe to the podcast at (In future the feed will be at – there will also be a, aac, and vorbis – these are Coralized feeds that should work with any RSS or podcast client.). Or download from the BitTorrent feeds:

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110 Replies to “The Last ROTSS…”

  1. Great show again guys. Stay with the Mac stuff. And keep the format with limited editing – makes it REAL.

  2. So good to hear everyone again, even Dvorak! I’ll be donating very soon to support this worthy cause.

  3. I’m downloading it now and I can’t wait to hear it! You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  4. listened to all you shows. thanks guys some time i listened x2 to the show hehehe i like it so much .

  5. Just downloading the episode now, can’t wait to lisen to it. Also love the new name !
    keep up the good work guys…

  6. Downloading now… This is the first series I’ve been addiced to since TSS way back in the day. Why can’t everything else on the ‘net be as good as this?

  7. You know what the funny thing is? If they did nothing but sit around each week and BS like they sorta have been, people would still tune in and love it.. including myself :p

  8. When I get some cash together, I will subscribe in a heartbeat, but right now, being an Art school student is rather expensive. Thanks for making it free, but I will kick down some cash later on. And thanks for making an awesome radio show that I enjoy.

  9. Hey Leo,
    Just out of curiosity is there anyway we can change our membership from monthly to yearly that way I don’t have to worry about keeping money in my PayPal account every month.

  10. Twits! I don’t know if anyone here listens to NPR, but the more I listen to the show, the more I think it belongs at NPR. XD

  11. DUDE!!!!! THIS IS THE SHIZNIT!!!! I’ve been a fan since “The Site” on MSNBC (hmmm SOLEDAD!!) and I followed to ZDTV to TECHTV……I was all alone, I was lost without my ZDTV/TechTV! Thank you LEO!!! This is one of the best things you could of ever done!!! (Kevin…..LETS GO DUDE PUBLISH YOUR EPISODES!!!)

  12. Did somone forget to bleep out a curse word near the very end (at about 59 min) or am I just hearing wrong? Sounds like somone said “f*ckers” 🙂

  13. My podcast reciever crapped out on me temporarily, so I’ll have to use the torrent this one time. Or the direct MP3. Gosh, Leo, so many choices.

  14. can’t tell you how happy I am that you guys have started this… it really I too followed the network since the ZDTV days… really miss you guys.
    I acually enjoy this format better than TV… nobody to please but your fans.

  15. Wow the torrent has a allot of seeders, got it in a hurry. Now to get it burned to a CD for my monday rounds at work. Keep up the good work.

  16. What podcast software is everyone using for downloading these torrent casts? I can’t get doppler to work, and iPodder chokes on any torrent feed I give it. I am on a windows PC btw. I have no problem downloading it manually, but it would be nice to not have to think about it.

  17. Listened to all of the episodes so far, GREAT work in bringing back the original and BEST show ever.
    Is there any way you can provide a direct link to the MP3 file to save without making us feel guilty =) I do not use an Ipod, and I have to download the mp3 in the morning while I am at home with my cable connection, then I can play it at work on my laptop and/or my pocket PC phone. I do not (and do not want to ) have bit torrent installed.
    You guys rock!! It is sooo painful to watch Attack of the Show, but I force myself because every once in a while Kevin or Sarah comes up with a gem which reminds me of the constant gems Leo and Pat would come up with in the old days.

  18. I havn’t heard the end of the show yet, but for those mentioning the possible swear, why do you think they have to bleep it? There is no laws or regulations for podcasts, they could come out with an hour of just swearing and nothing bad would happen. One of the joys of podcasting is that there is no one to tell you what you can and cannot say. the only reason they bleeped the screensavers is so they wouldn’t get sued.

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