The Last ROTSS…

And the first TWIT. This WEEK in TECH is up for May 1, 2005. This edition is an hour long, because we had so much good stuff.
In this episode: We come up with a new name and new URL. Patrick reviews WinHEC. John C. Dvorak visits from beyond the grave. We answer listener questions about Tiger. And Kevin picks our site of the week: Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Heron, and John C. Dvorak for a look at This WEEK in TECH.

Thanks and a tip of the Red Hat to Mark Blasco for the very fun TSS clone theme we end the show with. Now that we have a name, please email me your logo ideas, theme music, too, to I’ve registered and and we’ll be moving to that domain later in the week.

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110 Replies to “The Last ROTSS…”

  1. Zach, im getting 404 errors too. It has not resolved. I’m using Doppler, have the correct address. Can anyone help please?

  2. Even though none of us picked out “This Week in Tech,” I like the way it sounds…please keep it, the name fits perfectly. I hope you’ll continue to post an Mp3 version to your site. I don’t care much for programs such as Bit Torrent, and don’t want them installed on my system. It’s not essential that I download your program the minute it comes out, and am perfectly content to wait each week until the download flurry slows a bit.
    In a moment I’m going to use the “donate” button to send an initial contribution of $5.00. Not a heckuva lot, but thanks to an unexpected illness my newest paycheck was very subpar. I do plan to send a bit more later.
    Many thanks again for doing this. G4TV lost me as a viewer months ago.

  3. Leo, I’m in the middle of listening to the newest broadcast, and am at the point where the CED videodisc was touched upon. The CED videodisc from RCA utilized a 12 inch disc with microscopic grooves, and was released around 1981 or 1982. RCA threw in the towel roughly three years later.
    I still have a functioning CED player, and around 20 discs. Like bad LPs, CED was very susceptible to skipping and, even more annoying, clogging of the microscopic stylus that was used. Colored flecks/specks littering the image were unfortunately all too common, and if a disc was poorly pressed the entire image would waver rapidly from side to side, which would be more and more pronounced as the stylus tracked towards the disc center. Stereo sound was introduced in second generation players, using the same CX noise reduction that analog Laserdisc audio utilized.
    Discs were encased in a protective plastic caddy, which had to be inserted into the player–your hands never touched the discs.
    For all of its flaws, some of the earliest letterboxed titles known to home video appeared in the humble CED format. I still have a letterboxed CED copy of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” which RCA released in 1984…the Criterion letterboxed laserdisc edition was still several years way, and was actually created from source material inferior to what was used for the CED release.
    If you’d like to read more, here’s a URL devoted to nothing except CED:
    All things considered though, be very grateful that you were a laserdisc adopter instead. : )

  4. Thanks for the annual donation option. Will get a PayPal transaction this week or next.
    The profanity doesn’t bother me at all. I have just about heard it all and said most of it myself! It is a natural fit with the format anyway.
    I am about to download the latest episode and look forward to listening to it in the car tomorrow morning. I usually listen to Morning Edition on Public Radio, but this will be much BETTER!!!!

  5. First of all…greenzap ad…go away. Don’t make this one of those Adblogs that are showing up now in real blog space.
    Second – TWIT is ok for about 10 minutes, then gets annoying. Even This Week in Tech sounds like something CNN would pull. What ever happened to that HOT Sumi Das????? Man, I thought she was great for TechTV. Have her on!!!!
    Last….What? you didn’t like King LeoPod?

  6. Oy I hope you guys can scrape up enough money to get decent equipment. You need new mics for everyone, but Leo, and Patrick needs some breathe right nasal strips. :)I’d like to hear more from Dvorak. I don’t often agree with him, but I respect his opinions. Cursing should probably be edited out.
    – my 2 cents

  7. Leo and ReadersI am so sorry that I am missing out on what the rest of you are getting, for Like a few months ago when we heard the table side discussion in the club it was so good to hear a few of the ZDTV and TECHTV people together again. My problem is that the terms used are beyond me. That is I don’t understand what to download and how to use it. I see others do have some error problems. My next problem is that I have never given out credit card information over the internet. I would be more that happy to give Leo or his agent the $20 in person or mailed to his P.O. box, but I would probily still need help to make it work. As this is set up for the confussers, that is computers to do everything over the internet the options are limited. We can still hope that Leo and gang will get a contract with Discovery or another channel of your choise this year. Enjoy what you have.

  8. We don’t. It’s absolutely free. You’re welcome to download and enjoy it any time.
    But if you would like to help out by subscribing, we would love it. Producing the show takes a huge amount of my time and the bandwidth consumed is truly astounding. We would like to keep doing it without taking money from advertisers. Your financial support makes that possible.

  9. Mr. LaporteIt seems that your responce (#108) is for Tom, but I was asking for a way to send money, receive instructions, what to download, what to enter for my codes, and how to receive the podcast. Just finished hearing the TLR Leo Laporte on the Ronn Owens Show for 5/05. Glad to hear that podcast has nothing to do with Ipods, as I dont have one. I also don’t have or use mp3.
    If there is a way to hear the old shows then I haven’t found it yet. I would still feel better paying for the service. I am 62 I have an old Gateway 650 from 1999 that has never been connected to the internet. I have a Sony 2.53 that I waited six months before connecting to the internet. I was able to watch ZDTV and TECHTV during this time til Comcast changed things. Leo sir I was looking for an option to internet paying knowing that I am in the minority. Also that it would take longer to create the account with this option. Just an option to consider. One last thing is that I hope that you still have your family time. With all that you have been involved in to continue the TECHTV ways of informing us, you still need your time.

  10. Leo should have turned on the text-to-speech in Mac OS X for Dvorak. He could have given him one of those cool ( or funny ) voices.
    Anyway … great show! Keep it up!
    I liked the name ROTSS, but TWITS is cool.

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