News imageI can’t believe the response we’ve been getting for The Return of the Bleep. The BitTorrent tracker I’ve been running for serving the torrents has logged 984,000 hits on announce.php in less than four days. I don’t know how that correlates to actual downloads, but it’s a lot. (If anyone knows how to correlate these hits to downloads, please let me know!)
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We’re getting ready to unveil a name along with new feeds and a new web site. We’ve received over 2,000 entries in our contest to name the show, and I think we’ve got some good candidates. We’ll reveal the new name and new feed URLs on Sunday. The response to this is so incredible – better than anything Patrick, Kevin, and I have ever seen. It’s given us new excitement about bringing tech programming directly to you without involving mainstream media.

To that end, I’ve added a Paypal subscription button to the torrent pages. The podcast is free, and always will be, but we’d like to avoid putting advertising in it. If enough people contribute a modest amount to the show, we won’t have to and we can upgrade the production and maybe even do a video version. Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.

Cick the button below to pay just $2/month. That’s 50 cents a show. Your subscription will renew each month until you cancel it.

As always, thanks for your support. You’re proving that it’s possible to create quality tech shows by users for users without involving big media.

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  1. I agree with the once a year donation, I hardly use paypal so I would more than likely forget to keep up with it. I would gladly pay a lump sum or $25+ and be done with it. Plus like other have mentioned, it allows for more cash upfront, which is always helpful with a project just starting out. Keep up the fantastic work, tech talk is intelligent once again and not just paid for by trendy gadget makers and video games.

  2. Leo,
    It’s 3:22am here………..where is the new episode !!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh ! I’m going crazy !!!! wanted to hear it before i went to sleep !!!

  3. Yea, me too, I was wondering were its at. Hmm, oh well, just something to look forward to tomorrow!

    rose+norton+laporte=ronorlaco inc. podcast weekly
    theme+music+submission coming soon=dholle
    who needs cable?

  5. great program, love listening to it while walking around our lake on my shuffle
    i donated and was very happy to do so

  6. All I have is yours… but I have nothing.
    Teach me some more tech stuff and maybe I’ll make some real money.
    Of my first million… two dollars is yours.
    You guys rock!!!

  7. Leo, I just finished proudly donating my $2 for the cause. I paid my cable company an extra $40 a month just for Tech TV, back when it was worth watching. $2 a month is a no brainier!

  8. Hey Leo,I know how you can get the number of times that the pod cast was downloaded if it was via BitTorrent. When a person downloads it logs it into the scrape file, which then can be read by PHP. If you are not already doing this, I could help you with it if need be. Contact me at if you do need any help with this. I will surly be donating to this project and I am glad that the Screen *bleep* crew is back together!

  9. $2 is a no brainer. It’s easy to afford for me who am a college student so I will gladly donate $2 a month. I convinced my parents to get digital cable just so I could watch TechTv and now I only watch the digital channels for college hockey. I would watch the NHL but they are fighting over the money issue.

  10. Hey Leo thanx for all the great programming! Will send 2 bucks a month your way as soon as i get hold of my dads pay pal account!!!

  11. I just sent my $2 and proud of it. $2 Is nothing for all the help you have provided me for the last couple of years. Thanks Leo

  12. Hey I want a box of Patrick’s crap. I bet his crap is better than my box of crap 🙂
    Well I havent any way to donate/subscribe right now so I’ll have to continue helping out by keeping the torrents seeding as long as you are using torrents.
    I put them up on ed2k as well but I dont expect it will do much good unless more people do so as well. I have no place to post the links though and they are to long to post here.

  13. I have gladly given my $2.00…well worth the money to hear all of you guys again!
    Thanks so much for doing this! Please keep it up!

  14. i hope we can still submit names ideas for the show. i had a couple of really good ones i just submitted. check the inbox leo!

  15. Leo is there another way to donate? please let us know. I dont want a paypal account. I would give more for a video.. not to much more tho $60 a year is well worth it, there are lots of free codex out there. I think the mp3 should still be free

  16. 2 bucks a month is a no brainer. Your show was the best tech show on tv and im just glad to hear from you guys again. lets keep this going!

  17. Love the Show!!! Glad to hear you guys all togather again. Look forward to maybe a site? the new name? maybe some video? This is all great to look forward to and I am getting ready to throw my 2 bucks down for the show!! Great Job!!!

  18. Hey Leo, love the show!! I’ll find someway to donate some $$. What do you know about the MSTechTv channel in the works?

  19. It is such a relief to hear all of the old TSS crew back together. It would be amazing to see Kate Botello or Megan or Jessica or anyone to come back and do some stuff on the show. I will most definitely contribute to this. Thank you for bringing the geek back into my life….something was missing without the Screen Savers.

  20. Leo,I am sending in my donation today. You are pioneering the next gen of entertainment, a-la-carte shows via downloads and monthly “subscriptions.” BitTorrents, podcasts and free to air HDTV will create a true consumer’s delight. Screw the cable companies….

  21. I think you can see now that you’ve stumbled onto something huge. Your first shows were great; I just love listening. Please look into doing a video stream… that would be amazing. I’d definately pay up for that.
    And as Gary P said above… get a show with Kate on there. 🙂 Eagerly await your next show.

  22. I was so glad to hear you guys together again, it was such a good set. I love the fact that now we can get the geek news/info/advice/reviews/etc. in some form other than this:
    Sorry Kevin, but the guy kind of has a point…I still like what you have to bring to ROTSS

  23. Great to hear the real TSS crew is coming back with a great Technology only information show/Podcast.
    It will be great to hear the group of Technolgy geeks that got me into Technology when CFH was still airing in the states along with the great TSS Technolngy show there once was before being murdered by G4 Media/Comcast.
    Keep Up The Great Work Leo, Patrick & Kevin!!
    Marty W
    The Tech Doc
    Wisconsin Technology Doctor

  24. Leo could you post how much in fees Patrick, Kevin & you think it would cost to run videocast weekly?
    We at The Tech Doc would like to start a ROTSS & Return Of TechTV fund at our site coming soon at along with in our shop so we can help bring back Technology shows to the Internet & maybe someday back on the airways in the states.
    Marty W
    The Tech Doc
    Wisconsin Technology Doctor

  25. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I just sent in my $2, and as many have said, I would be more than happy to pay more per month. I look forward to any and all advances you guys make. I am just so ecstatic that I have a way to hear you again.
    Great Shows, Good Times, and Great Geeks

  26. Hi Leo – I subscribed as well. This is a great idea.
    As for content ideas, a writer above had an excellent idea. I’m thinking that the listeners should send in their questions and ideas for content.
    We still want to hear you guys “sitting around BS’ing” though, especially about the tech news of the day, and your latest technology-related experiences.
    Tell Kevin that I will do the same for, and I don’t think I’m alone.

  27. Hey I am glad to hear that the financial future o the podcast is a little more secure. I would like to know if there is a alt way to donate. My paypal account is screwed up. Also, dont blame all cable companies for the demise of Tech TV, just the one responcible, COMCAST. And, yea, I am a little biassed, I do work for a cable conpany. Keep up the great work guys!!

  28. I definately think that the subscription is a great idea. Ifyou guys do decide to start a company I will be first in line to buy some stock. We need more Technology shows Ever since the merger our questions have gone unanswered. I dont care what g4 says tss lives on in you and no amount of money or corperate takeover can change that. Long live techtv and rotss In whatever form it becomes.

  29. Im in for the donation! Maybe you guys could set up an email account where people could send in questions and you could answer a few on air. That would add some old school Screen Savers content to the show.

  30. Keep up the good work Leo.
    First, and foremost, I’ll happily make the $2 donation each month. I think it’s money well spent.
    It’s very refreshing to hear the “old gang” again. If the first two episodes are any indication, this show will be a great success.

  31. Yeah guys, TextAds seems to work great. I highly recommend it!
    ANyways, I am truely greatful that you guys are doing this still. I was so crestfallen when I heard of the sale of TechTV back when I lived in The City myself. I enjoyed many times being part of the guest audience of 5-10 or sometimes more people :D. You all were very gracious and fun to hand out with durring taping. Anyways, keep up the good work, I would love to see something HUGE come from this! 😀

  32. Gave my $2, and glad to do it. Happy to see you guys working together again. Hey- I donated $10 to Kevin a few months ago to buy that camera- tell him to shoot some video of you guys!

  33. Easiest $2 I’ve spent…and would gladly donate more a month. The Screensavers was why I started watching TechTV regularly in the first place. Now…not so much. As a matter of fact, it’s a channel that gets skipped over. So you guys have my support. And my thanks.

  34. The torrent tracker should be setup to follow the number of successful downloads. It’s the same kind of tracking that keeps track of the number of seeds and the number of leachers. I’d be happy to talk it over further.

  35. Great idea, Leo. You’ve got my $2 so long as I can keep extra cheese in my PayPal account.
    For those asking about one-time donations, just send some quasi-cash to; I’m sure he’ll accept.
    Hey, how much would it cost to buy the name “The Screen Savers” from G4? It’s not as if they use it anymore, what with “Attack of the Stupid Title” and all (sorry, Kevin).

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