News imageI can’t believe the response we’ve been getting for The Return of the Bleep. The BitTorrent tracker I’ve been running for serving the torrents has logged 984,000 hits on announce.php in less than four days. I don’t know how that correlates to actual downloads, but it’s a lot. (If anyone knows how to correlate these hits to downloads, please let me know!)
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We’re getting ready to unveil a name along with new feeds and a new web site. We’ve received over 2,000 entries in our contest to name the show, and I think we’ve got some good candidates. We’ll reveal the new name and new feed URLs on Sunday. The response to this is so incredible – better than anything Patrick, Kevin, and I have ever seen. It’s given us new excitement about bringing tech programming directly to you without involving mainstream media.

To that end, I’ve added a Paypal subscription button to the torrent pages. The podcast is free, and always will be, but we’d like to avoid putting advertising in it. If enough people contribute a modest amount to the show, we won’t have to and we can upgrade the production and maybe even do a video version. Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.

Cick the button below to pay just $2/month. That’s 50 cents a show. Your subscription will renew each month until you cancel it.

As always, thanks for your support. You’re proving that it’s possible to create quality tech shows by users for users without involving big media.

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  1. I really believe that donations are the way to go. You have my $2.00 and keep up the good work.

  2. I subscribed, and I’m happy to do it for as long as I can. Just hearing you, Patrick, Kevin, and whoever else joins up is worth $2 a month.

  3. Just listened to Episode 1. The show is what I knew it was when I last saw a good episode of TSS on TechTV. Thank You for coming back.

  4. I am more than happy to donate and did. It’s terrific hearing from you guys together again and want to hear more!

  5. i just signed up too.
    think about it like this people…
    how many of you paid the extra money to cable just to get techtv? i know i did and it was more than $2.
    money well spent, i can’t wait to see where this goes.

  6. i don’t know why i’m struggling with this decision. i paid 2 bucks a month for the first six months Opie and Anthony were on XM.

  7. Leo, if you’re reading this, may I suggest an option to give $25 once a year rather than $2 a month?

  8. Between this and systm, things are looking up for the future of quality tech entertainment.
    We thought G4 killed TechTV and TSS. We were wrong; it lives on with our support.

  9. Leo and Co. Greetings, Please keep it coming. You guys are practicing what everyone else only talks about: the free open exchange of knowledge!God bless you. (Coming from the Holy Land this should worth something…:-) )

  10. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! I remember when I first saw CFH on satellite, and I was simply blown away – it was pretty softcore, but of incredible quality – especially when compared to the cruddy tech shows we have here in Israel (Zombit, anyone?). And then when I found out about TSS and my satellite company agreed to add it, I was instantly addicted – despite the fact that we were shown shows that were, at best, a couple of months old.And off you go, reuniting the gang and putting out more high-quality stuff… and I just got my new MP3 player for my car! 😀 I wish my credit card were international, so I could compensate you guys for the excellent work you put into this. Keep it up!

  11. Just submitted my $2/month and feel great keep up the awesome work and i think that subscribers submitting questions is a great idea! Awesome to hear from you! Too bad you didnt pick The return of Sanity =( haha This week in geek is better

  12. I’m going to record a phone call between me and some of my friends and then sell it for 2 bucks…Just goes to show that, “if they charge it, you will pay”
    How bizzare

  13. I can’t say that I’m not surprised that K.Rose has not figured out the full disclosure credibility thing. You should have a talk with that boy Leo. I assume everything on G-Whore is bought and paid for. Some entity is being paid in one way or another. The tee-shirt buddies of his sold his shirts on his website, he wore their shirts on the air, they got a couple of segments on AOTS lauding their clever apparel, and now they are sponsors on the show. He is a dummy if he didn’t get paid.When K.Rose is given free software the assumption is one day Jimmy from Canoga Park will call in and ask him if he knows of a program the does A and he responds with B. The B doesn’t stand for free-b.
    Do you really think Drew Barrymore is orgasmic about cheese wiz? She ate up ¾ of her segment last year on the Tonight show on it. She received a Phat check from the wiz makers. Agents cut these soft deals all the time. If you can mention ABCD or E, the checks in the mail.
    So the next time you hear your favorite celebrity shoehorn a product into a conversation you can assume they were paid.

  14. Almost all of my high-tech products I purchased were either mentioned or recommended by the TSS, CFH, or from KFI. I will certainly listen to what you guys have to say in the future.

  15. No problem signing up tonight for the $2 per month. What a great idea! That’s dirt cheap if you can keep ads out :coolsmile:
    Keep up with great work you guys and glad you got /.’d

  16. can’t be live TV on my TV ’cause the FCC ain’t accepting new channels until we’re completly digital.

  17. Gladly donating. Just wanted to say…if you guys will start doing video…we would gladly pay 20 bucks a month for that or more if needed!!
    2 bucks is NOTHING! We need nothing else but you guys getting back to doing what you do best.
    Best of luck!

  18. This is GREAT! Without you guys, the TV show was lost for the most part (and I quickly lost interest). My C-band dish used to be pointed ONLY at TechTV. Please keep this blessed “reincarnation” going. I will gladly contribute to keep the return of the BLEEP podcast active! Give me an address where I can send donations, other than just through paypal!

  19. You definitely have my $2. Things just haven’t been the same since you all left. Glad to hear the everyone again.

  20. Echo . . . it’s beyond words how great it is to hear all you guys together again. You got my two bucks. I would agree with many here that putting a $25 yearly option wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially if you want to bring a quality video show to the peeps (which would be great, but not expected). And to humor you, if you were able to build up an internet driven TechTV sorta thing, I’d be first in line (well, probably third or fourth, I’m kinda lazy) to invest. The integrity of you and your associates (I still believe in you Kevin), teamed with your knowledge and personalities is a killer combo. Keep it up. And why the hell didn’t you pick Screenburners or Burn In?!?! Oh, well.

  21. $2 donated. I’ll definately be listening in. Thank you for keeping us geeks entertained. 2 dollars well spent.

  22. Can someone grab Kate Botello and get her to the nearest Skype machine? You’d essentially have four generations of TSS top-notch talent contributing to the formative years of this venture.
    I’ve also been suggesting something ever since I heard mumblings of a G4 buyout of TechTV. Someone needs to get Wired and The Discovery Channel talking. Wired provides the tech content, and DSC provides the new network in their seemingly ever-expanding channel listing. The only thing DSC really has missing from it’s lineup is a tech network. The Science Channel does a bit of tech, but not nearly enough.

  23. Finally! You now see the potential in doing it yourself with a little help from your friends and the fans.
    I’ll be happy to donate a few sheckles to your cause, Leo.
    Just don’t spend our donations all in one place.

  24. Leo, (and gang) I can’t tell you how great it is to have you guys back! I owe the wealth of “geek” knowledge I have learned to you Leo and the SS team. The heck with that “COMCRAP” network. I hope this turns out BIG and sets a new standard for future ventures like this and others through the internet, free from the crippling constraints of networks and the FCC. You got my $2 bucks!! Maybe you can raise enough money to free those poor souls- Kevin and Sarah, from the grips of that awful shameless sorry-ass poor excuse for a so-called Screen Savers replacement show (no reflection on the fine talents of Kevin and Sarah ofcourse!), what’s it called again… Attack of the Sh..? Anyway, keep up the great work, you’ve got a listener AND viewer for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :coolgrin:

  25. “Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.”
    Don’t tease me!

  26. Gladly paid for my subscription. Like everybody else has said, it’s good to hear you guys again. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  27. Hey, if you put up self serve textads from the php script, I would probably advertise my hot sauce website on it regularly.
    You could charge about $1 CPM and I would probably start with 50,000 impressions at first.
    It’s pretty easy to install, it should be up and running at my website at if you want to check it out.
    At first I am not going to charge anything to advertise, I am just going to use it to offer links to fellow hot sauce makers and websites I like to go to (yours is deffinatly one of them!)
    But anyways, check it out. I am excited to listen to the next show in the coming few hours!

  28. Yes I have been waiting for this day to happen I posted a comment long ago on Kevin Rose site to do something like this and he’s about to start on the Systm and that I would have my credit card ready. Now with this happening being able to hear Leo,Pat,and Kevin,Roger and others bring the excitment back! Before I go if you guys read this comment I have to say this Kevin Rose when the attack of the show starts you don’t look real comfortable anymore on that show im sitting there thinking to myself I wounder what he thinks of all this! But I do stand Behind you. by the way I have 40 free Gmail accounts to pass out for all this excitment that Leo has brought us.

  29. Thanks for bringing back the tech in my life. If I had the money, (and a credit card,) I would donate to the cause as well. I will continue to download Revenge of the *BLEEP* and Call for Help as long as I have a viable internet connection. Thank you for everything you do.

  30. show name: The Tech TeamLogo a big T with a small one on the left and the right like tTt kinda but made to look good.

  31. I want to donate to the ROTSS because I love listening to you guys on my bike commute. However, I would prefer to prepay $24.00 for the year. Is there a way I can do that?

  32. Paid gladly. BTW, please apply the KISS principles. The show is great. We can make our own tshirts and hats and newsletters, etc… What we can’t make is YOU GUYS!

  33. I’ll lay down my 2 soon, Leo. Just need every penny I can save right now, but when finances are secured and stable, I’ll be sure to bring it forward. It is not, at all, an unreasonable fee. Best wishes on continued success with the show.

  34. WOW! This is a long response thread. Anyway, I would like to thank Leo and the gang for reinstating my faith in tech. Since the TechTV buyout, that my friends and myself have been affectionatly refering to as “The Incident,” I got really upset with the dumbing-down of all tech-content on TV as a whole. Most of my knowlege of technology has come from the old days of ZD/TechTV, and the links and content therein.
    Also I’d like to mention that we have been talking your show up like crazy on our weekly show, and how great it is to hear the team back together again.
    Keep up the great work, and thanks again. My money is your money!
    from Joel and the YWO Show Gang!!

  35. Heck yeah. I can knit up about $2 a month worth of Ebay sales just in return for getting to listen to the show!
    It’s good to hear from you guys again.

  36. I was surprised as “H-E-double hockey sticks” to hear about ROTSS!! Listened to the first 3 shows and I’m more than glad to donate my $2 a month. Never used my Paypal account before but what a great way to break it in.

  37. Just donated my $2, I’ll even donate more money shortly! The spirit of TechTV lives on….

  38. I see no problem including ads paid to you in your blog as long as you reccommend the products.

  39. You should put up a non-subscription paypal link for those of us who would like to make a one-time donation.

  40. I have put in my $2, but do I now get to put in my $.02?
    Maybe, just maybe, if we’re good…you think maybe even Kate would make an appearance again?

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