News imageI can’t believe the response we’ve been getting for The Return of the Bleep. The BitTorrent tracker I’ve been running for serving the torrents has logged 984,000 hits on announce.php in less than four days. I don’t know how that correlates to actual downloads, but it’s a lot. (If anyone knows how to correlate these hits to downloads, please let me know!)
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We’re getting ready to unveil a name along with new feeds and a new web site. We’ve received over 2,000 entries in our contest to name the show, and I think we’ve got some good candidates. We’ll reveal the new name and new feed URLs on Sunday. The response to this is so incredible – better than anything Patrick, Kevin, and I have ever seen. It’s given us new excitement about bringing tech programming directly to you without involving mainstream media.

To that end, I’ve added a Paypal subscription button to the torrent pages. The podcast is free, and always will be, but we’d like to avoid putting advertising in it. If enough people contribute a modest amount to the show, we won’t have to and we can upgrade the production and maybe even do a video version. Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.

Cick the button below to pay just $2/month. That’s 50 cents a show. Your subscription will renew each month until you cancel it.

As always, thanks for your support. You’re proving that it’s possible to create quality tech shows by users for users without involving big media.

161 Replies to “ROTSS: TNG”

  1. I’ll definitly have to get a PayPal account and donate. Great job with pod cast Leo.

  2. I just donated. Damn it felt good. Keep the content coming Leo. You guys are great!!

  3. Yes, Leo. Please keep it coming. I think I will donate. . . It is definitely worth it.

  4. Wait.. so it’s free but we have to pay $2/month for a subscription? Or is the subscription just a donation. Are there any advantages to having a subscription?

  5. It’s truly free. The subscription is just really a donation. I suppose I should make it a donate button instead.
    We haven’t really thought about additional benefits to subscribers, but I suppose we could. Anything you’d like? A meetup? Newsletter? A box of Patrick’s crap?

  6. Just keep the show coming Leo. It is a nice way to get back to what we all miss. The Original Screen Beep. I will donate to keep this casting, that is a no brainer.

  7. A newsletter might be nice, but definitely not a requirement 😉 Just want to say I love the podcast and having the original TSS crew back together again. I’ll definitely donate to keep this podcast going.

  8. I put in my 2 bucks a month.. well worth it, your podcasts and kfi stuff helps me get through my work day.. keep it up guys!

  9. Excellent content, it will be great to have regular episodes. $0.50 an episode is a great bargain. Keep up the good work.

  10. I didn’t even have to think twice, you have my $2 a month. Keep up the good work!

  11. Awesome! You have my $2 a month! Keep up the great work. It is awesome to hear Pat and Leo back again.

  12. I like the idea of contributing, but how about a yearly option of $24. You would have more money up front to add options such as video, etc. I listen to public radio every day and would gladly pay to support your efforts on an annual basis as well

  13. Dah! I want to donate, but alas my paypal account is fecked. Leo, is there any other way I could donate? I will gladly give my $2 a month to help out the orignal TSS crew.

  14. Public Radio has done pretty well offering hats, t-shirts, and coffee mugs, as premiums for their supporters, being sure to offer something just a bit different every year. I’d be more than willing to start a collection on my shelf here to help support your high tech cause as well.I guess you might call that a “shelf support”……at least until you guys are “shelf sufficient”…….(I’ll stop now.)

  15. I just donated my $2.00 and if all I ever get is a weekly broadcast I’ll be a happy camper! Now, all I need is an iPod…hey if you’ll click on my…oh forget it, that’s just annoying!
    Take care guys – hope you decide to take email questions (maybe once a month – like the old “all call” shows)- keep up the great work!

  16. Happily donated. Glad this is out there to fill the void. I’m sure if anyone can make an online show work it’s you guys. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

  17. You’ve got my $2/month. I know the finances are your business, but I’d love to know how many people have stepped forward for the cause.

  18. Ok, let me clear it with the wife, $2 is cheap at twice the price! I can’t tell you how great it was to hear you guys all together again!

  19. I don’t care if you guys are just shooting the breeze, I love it. It’s just great to hear you guys talk. You are all so intelligent that your discussion is interesting. Thank you and keep it up!

  20. New name revealed by Paypal? Is this the new name for your weekly podcast, or just a placeholder?
    Subscription Name:
    This Week in Geek

  21. Leo, Why are you so surprised at the number of downloads? The Screen Savers was the best tech show ever, bar none. You guys have a special chemistry that people just love. Adam Curry is no longer the pre-eminent podcaster. You guys are!!
    Well, off to donate, keep up the great work!

  22. Boy it is great to just sit back and listen to you guys chat. I’m in for $2 a month…didn’t even think twice. Keep it up and I’ll be here to support all your on line efforts. Thanks for not forgetting us.

  23. I’m so glad you guys are back, I was very upset the original TSS was over, i had just moved back into an area where i could get it again. This is great though! Keep up the good work and I will gladly contribute.

  24. I love the new show! I listened to #1 and #2, and can’t wait for the new one. G4 ruined that network. They should have just left it alone. Of course, Comcast cares not about viewers, only money.
    If I don’t subscribe, can I still torrent it?
    Plus, mp3Pro doesn’t work for me (maybe because it’s pay) on my ‘Pod. Will plain mp3 files be available?

  25. I’m in! Leo could you do me/us two favors please…
    1. Create a general donation link so if some random user would like to donate a larger sum of money they can.
    2. Create an annual subscription option in conjunction with the monthly subscription option.

  26. :down: I tried to donate, but I don’t have any money on my paypal, and its rejecting my moms card. 🙁 Love the show guys. And MY name for the show is better, lol.

  27. You have my $2/month, no brainer. And I will pay more if you move to video content. So wonderful to have you guys back together!

  28. Just donated my $2 per month. Its well worth it to get some purely non commercialised thoughts on todays technology. I thought Revenge of the Screen Savers was a cool name given the circumstances, pity about the anal bosses at G4….seems pointless that they bought TechTV anyhow….they just stripped it bare….oh well At least I get CFH here in Australia again 🙂 and now I get Kevin and Patrick as well as Leo with this feed. Keep up the good work guys.

  29. Any chance you are thinking about forming a company and selling stock in this new venture?

  30. A newsletter would be nice, but the idea of video is fantastic. I’d love a longer show – I can play the second half on my commute back home, or split it between drives throughout the week (referring to a comment made on last Sunday’s show.) Anyway, my $2 is on the way.

  31. Like a few other people already said.. it’s a no brainer. You guys are the best. I’m SO glad you’re all back!
    Video would be great!

  32. We support you in Columbia, MO LEO!!! Good luck with all. The show is great. Let’s hope we can bring back some form of TSS in the near future. GOOD LUCK!!

  33. Yep – no brainer. Add a donation option and I’ll cough up more.
    I would be curious to hear some stats on the success of the show (next episode maybe?).
    Glad to see you posted torrent links for the last episode.

  34. gotta love this quote “Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.” 🙂

  35. I cant donate since i dont have a credit card, I really am glad to hear you guys again, i only cought the last month or so fo your show before the merger. Makes me feel sad i missed out on alot of the show.No offence Kevin but AOTS isnt very entertaining….Im just glad your still there making some $$$ off the G4 scum.
    Keep em coming guys, a Video version would be great…Maybe you should talk to Al Gore about getting your show put on his new channel aswell as on the net?

  36. It’s great to hear you guys together again. This podcast is a wonderful idea! Like everybody here I sorely miss TSS. I watched when it was ZDTV and TSS was Leo & Kate. I was hooked.Hey Leo! Maybe you could get Kate to sit in. It would be great to hear from her again.

  37. Its awesome to hear you guys have been getting such a great response. Shows the true power of real honest people without all the corporate *dealings* going on. Keep it up!TechTv of old is dead but all these new projects are extremely exciting, any way the community can help, let us know :).

  38. Awesome job guys. I think having a newsletter with the 2 dollar subsciption is a great idea. And make sure you put another “donate” button up because I know a lot of us wouldnt mind supporting a little more.

  39. Maybe an additional incentive for donors would be a kind of donation sweepstakes. Like, each donor’s name is automatically entered in a “hat,” and every episode or so, Leo could pick a name out of that hat, and that person would win a prize. I’m not sure about the legality of this, but I actually still have some TechTV shwag lying around, and would gladly donate them as part of the cause.

  40. EXCELLENT job on ROTSS! This is really a breath of fresh air since TechTV’s demise. I’m working on signing up for paypal now. Anything Spidey can do to help out the cause!
    Hope you guys are planning Jinx T-shirts (Kevin) for the name & logo announcement as well as the website release! Who here would buy an ROTSS T-Shirt??
    Keep On Slingin!!

  41. Well, by my quick count, and including my $2.00 you should have about $50.00 a month to play with so far and it’s only been a day of donations.
    If this doesn’t show the US networks that there is money to be made by giving people TECH TALK nothing will.
    Take this first $50.00 Leo, and get Patrick that new microphone, it will be money well spent!
    Thanks, for all of your efforts.

  42. ROTSS is a real joy to listen to – many thanks. Leo – thanks also for CFH 2.0 – the best show on G4Tech…

  43. Who is building the web site? I would love to see who its going to look. I already donated and I cant wait to see more

  44. It might be nice to have subscribers submit questions. I subscribed and think it is great just to hear Patrick stammer again. God I’ve missed that.

  45. Thank good my debt card worked with paypal, here you go leo, i gladdly donated for the show, and thanks a lot guys.

  46. $2.00 is a lot less than I was (and for a short time still am) paying my CATV co for digital tier and the only reason I did that was to watch TSS…count me in!
    I know of at least two other guys who got digital cable in the early adopter phase just for tech tv and hang onto it even though nothing is on any more (most, myself included, because it is tied to the cable modem bandwidth package)…I will tell them about this too.

  47. I love the show guys! You are all sorely missed, but what a great idea! I’m about to donate my part. It’s so worth it!
    Speaking of donations, since I am a graphic artist, I would truly appreciate to have an opportunity to submit a a new logo design for the show, once you come up with a name.
    I’ve seen a lot of folks asking for shirts and other gear, I’d sure be willing to help out with some promotional gear designs. I’d love to do anything I could to help the cause.
    Anyhow, please keep up the good work. We’re all behind you guys!

  48. Oh My! The resurrection has begun. Collectively let’s do whatever we can to bring all our old friends back together. Such a small price to pay for so much. ROTSS – Reunion of Tech Support Scholars.

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