News imageI can’t believe the response we’ve been getting for The Return of the Bleep. The BitTorrent tracker I’ve been running for serving the torrents has logged 984,000 hits on announce.php in less than four days. I don’t know how that correlates to actual downloads, but it’s a lot. (If anyone knows how to correlate these hits to downloads, please let me know!)
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We’re getting ready to unveil a name along with new feeds and a new web site. We’ve received over 2,000 entries in our contest to name the show, and I think we’ve got some good candidates. We’ll reveal the new name and new feed URLs on Sunday. The response to this is so incredible – better than anything Patrick, Kevin, and I have ever seen. It’s given us new excitement about bringing tech programming directly to you without involving mainstream media.

To that end, I’ve added a Paypal subscription button to the torrent pages. The podcast is free, and always will be, but we’d like to avoid putting advertising in it. If enough people contribute a modest amount to the show, we won’t have to and we can upgrade the production and maybe even do a video version. Who knows, we might even be able to re-grow TechTV from the ground up.

Cick the button below to pay just $2/month. That’s 50 cents a show. Your subscription will renew each month until you cancel it.

As always, thanks for your support. You’re proving that it’s possible to create quality tech shows by users for users without involving big media.

161 Replies to “ROTSS: TNG”

  1. Leo, I’m sad. I’ve been refreshing your site.once every 10 minutes since early this morning. It’s now almost 2am and I had crashed on the floor by my computer, waking up every so often. Now 2’m on a PDA in bed.
    Stop the maddness, please ;)! Picking a relelase time would cut down on your server load, and allow me to get some sleep. 😉

  2. That’s it! The subscriber perk! Subscribers could receive a quick email to announce when the new show is posted. Or, in these days of RSS, is that too twentieth-century?
    Any way to time-delay the public posting so that perhaps the subscribers can get a quick head start?

  3. but they could have downloaded it last week. so im guessing the rest of “animation domination” and or robot chicken.

  4. NO Paypal account, no Bank Account :(. But I could mail you two bucks lol. I mean it’s not like I can’t afford 2 whole dollars.But man I love ROTSS and KFI The Techguy stuff! Wish we could get KFI here in NJ.
    What’s great is now I can walk to work with my mp3 player with you guys in my ear. People around here find it weird though. Technology and computers are rare here where I live. It’s really a third world country… only with XBOX’s and PS2s here and there hehe.

  5. I just pay-pal’d $5. I really hope this works. It seems like there’s so many people wanting it. I hope they all pay and I hope you can at last lose the non-creators that have always had their claws on the spigot. I agree that kath botello would be great to hear from. This would be really cool if your group was the first in history to break away. Seems like all the talent and energy and audience are in place, but what do I know. I’m kind of a fan and not impartial.

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