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imageOK I’ve set up BitTorrent feeds for both ROTSS shows in four, count ’em, four formats. As usual, please keep your BitTorrent client running even after the download is done to help others get the files. (These are the official BT feeds for now – please redirect your client from the old feed.) As always, these files are Creative Commons Share-Alike licensed so you may redistribute them in any fashion for non-commercial purposes.

MP3 64KBPS Direct links RSS Feed
MP3 32KBPS Direct links RSS Feed
Bookmarkable AAC (for iPods) Direct links RSS Feed
Ogg Vorbis Direct links RSS Feed

If anyone with BitTorrent tracker experience would like to help me set up a better system (I’d like to run my own tracker and automatically seed it from four different servers I run) please email me! I’d like to do this every week but it’s a bit much to have to seed these files by hand from home each time.

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  1. Can you make the pilot episode available for download again. The one with everyone at dinner during mac world or whenever it was.

  2. The only thing bad about doing it this way is that newsreaders with integrated podcast downloads can’t really work properly. I’m using newsfire 1.1 which is great for podcasts but unfortunately its not a bit torrent client.

  3. ROTSS002.ogg is failing but everything else is fine. Going to keep all formats seeding while I can.
    If anyone has or some tips for the best settings to use to be an effective seeder using Azureus then please post em 🙂

  4. The guy you want to talk to Leo is Dave Slusher of the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast. He’s running a system where he runs a tracker & seeds the torrent initially. His default feed is a bittorrent feed which most podcatching clients work with. I believe the mp3 files gets submitted to the torrent and seeded with a series of perl scripts – he hasn’t talked about it for awhile.

  5. There seems to be a problem with the ROTSS002.ogg torrent. Azureus is giving me a “Connection Error (FileNotFoundException…”) with a long, following URL.

  6. Thank GOD you guys are back……As for a name, what does somebody do when their hardware seems locked up, and you just need a clean fresh start from your computer….you simply
    ….REBOOT…..(cool new name for your program)…

  7. Wonder if Leo realized that starting this podcast would cause so much running around on his part. 😉

  8. Thanks for the torrents Leo! I sent you an email with instructions on seeding automatically from 4 servers.

  9. I just had a suggestion, do you think you could have a standard “album” or “artist” name for these shows? I noticed the first two had different formated titles, same album name, but the artist differed, so on my iPod they were in different locations.
    Keep up the great work, i look forward to listening to the show every monday on the train ride to work.
    Its great to have you all back

  10. i love it. And as for a name..I kind of like the fact that you can’t say part of the current name because..revenge of the “bleep” “bleep”..It kind of gives an edginess to the show…but other than that..i agree with Mike…REBOOT

  11. AWEsome skypecast guys! Can’t wait to play this one for my students, it’s becoming a cult classic.

  12. I’m new to podcasting, are the RSS feeds supposed to work in podcasting software, like Doppler, or are they used for something else?

  13. There’s no way (that I know of) to seed a torrent from a standard centralized server. However, I recommend that the original seeder use the Super-Seeder mode of the BitTornado client… it greatly reduces the amount of data that the original seeder must upload before other seeders start to appear.

  14. Mldonkey is really useful for creating an easily controlled seeding client. Just turn off all of the other networks in download.ini if you don’t want them.
    For those who are looking for a working ROTSS002.ogg.torrent file, here you go:
    It still uses Leo’s tracker, just with a correct announce URL.

  15. Thanks so much for doing this. I used to be a daily viewer of The Screen Savers on TechTV. After G4 took over and moved the show (and changed the cast) it was totally unwatchable. I think I watched one episode and turned it off in disgust. I am so pleased to see (I mean hear) Leo, Patrick and Kevin back together again!

  16. Hey Leo,
    I have added mirrors for ROTSS direct downloads on my site if you want to alleviate the load on your servers…ep 1 is in original .mp3 format, ep 2 and future episodes will be in zip format, just for ease of downloading…
    Anyway, keep up the good work…I love it.. is where the mirror is located, I will be adding a side bar for future episodes.

  17. Everyone,
    I am using ipodder (for Windows XP) and I tried to use the Bookmarkable AAC (for iPods) feed and a message came up saying there was a torrent error. What is going on here, and how do I fix it? Leo, thanks for these podcasts – I love them and I cant wait for next week. Have a great day everyone and thanks in advance for your help.

  18. Hey I like the name “Reboot”! It’s a great name!
    As for it being “copyrighted.” I wouldn’t worry about it. I believe as long as the content and the nature of the programs are different, then there shouldn’t be a problem.
    LEO!!! not to sound gay or anything, but I miss ya man.
    Try real hard to get back on TV Leo! Like what one guys said “the Discovery Channel!”

  19. Is it just me, or should this show become a 1.5 hour show, 5 days a week with 3 reruns a day? ;D

  20. I’m using ipodder as well, and cannot seem to get the torrent feeds to download. The direct links work fine. Would appreciate any advice.

  21. hey leo (and everyone reading this) take a look at the Azureus BitTorrent Tracker i currently use it and its great i have all three broken epsiodes up there in the PSP format. You also have the option to force seeding on all the computer you want to using azureus. Thats how i seed my files.

  22. “reboot” is a good pick except that it is also the name of a Cartoon Network cartoon a few years back. As for ROTSS, G4 can send a cease and desist notice, but it may not be enforceable. But just in case, how about:GOT = Gurus of Tech
    The Codebreakers
    The 2nd episode mp3 audio quality was much improved, BTW.

  23. My vote is for Reboot, shouldnt be too difficult as was said earlier…..diff content and such. Or maybe The Tech Breakers…..seeing as how u give us the latest and greatest in all things Tech !!!!! Leo YOU RULE !!!!

  24. reboot is good.I myself have a petpeive, there is a word I hate to hear but would love for it to be the word for my soon to be favorite show. kinda makin best of the eat , you do not re-eat , you sneeze you do not re-sneeze, you love you never re-love
    you format you do not ever under any circumstances any conditions (except like 20 minutes later if the cd skipped durring install then i could see the word fitting )
    [B] RE-FORMAT [/B]
    The most you can do is do it all again and hope you get everything done right the first time down.
    So hopefully you change the format of the foundation(media)
    my vote is [b]”Re-FoRmAt”[/b]

  25. LOVE the show, but can’t get the blinks to work in Doppler. I get the following errors
    [02-May-05 6:47:40 AM] [Retriever] [E] Illegal characters in path., while downloading
    [02-May-05 6:47:40 AM] [Retriever] [E] Object reference not set to an instance of an object., while downloading
    Ant help is appreciated

  26. I am using iPodder software but it still won’t download any of these shows, is anyone else having problems like this?

  27. reboot is probably copyrighted, because it used to be a 3d animated tv show. good show. and great job leo, your THE man

  28. Anyone know what’s the sample rate for the Bookmarkable ACC??
    Is it 64kbps as well?? Just wanted to make sure, thanks 🙂

  29. Hello: It is not working with Doppler. I have tried everyone. I wish that I knew what was going on so I could help you.

  30. great work getting this out to the people Leo, what you are doing here for your fans brings life back into what all of you brought into our homes and into our hearts – your efforts along with everyone else involved keeps that spirit alive. thanks.

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