Episode 2: The Revenge of These Green Saviors

imageEpisode 2 of the podcast formerly known as ROTSS has been posted. This week join Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and me, as we discuss journalistic credibility, car stereo support for iPods, LAN Party addiction, and more. Also enter our contest to win a box of Patrick’s crap – all you have to do is come up with a new name for the show. Runners-up receive web hosting from Vizaweb and Jinx Hackwear. Send your entries to leosprogram@gmail.com.
Theme music this week is courtesy of John Selvia

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Plain MP3: Coral Mirror – Local

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85 Replies to “Episode 2: The Revenge of These Green Saviors”

  1. Awesome! i hope yoshi is gonna be there on next weeks episode. I want that box of crap! 😉

  2. DLing and listening now . .
    I would have used the Vorbis file but I couldn’t associate it with the software I have for decoding ogg files.
    Looing forword to more 🙂
    Daniel Thomas Stack

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for doing this. It may be just a bunch of guys sitting around talking, but I find it entertaining and interesting. Please keep them coming.

  4. Nice to have “the Show” back.If you’ve still looking for RedBull Leo it’s plentiful here in western Canada. You should Move CFH 2.0 here to Vancouver 😛

  5. Nice…and yes, I did use the Ogg Vorbis stream. I look forward to next week’s episode and your first impressions of the new OS X release.

  6. Awesome Leo! It’s so great to be able to listen to the “good old guys” even if it is impromptu and unscripted. That’s how I like it =) Also love the VORBIS, keep it coming.

  7. Hazelip: Over on the left side, under “Most recent entries”, you will see this: “In TLR: Episode 2: The Revenge of These Green Saviors”. I’m going to assume that the link to “TLR Audio Podcast” will get it for you.
    The bad news is that right now I’m getting an error: [4/25/2005 7:36:18 AM] [Retriever] [E] The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found., while retrieving the size of http://leoville.tv.nyud.net:8090/tlr/TLR20050424.mp3“, and when I try to retrieve manually from the Coral Mirror link, I also get a 404 error.

  8. Great to hear you guys again. Its about time. Keep them coming, I will keep tuning in. Looking for you guys to grow and get back to where you were several years ago.

  9. I’m downloading now and will listen later today. Loved last weeks show and look forward to many more. It must be popular. When I tried to use the Coral link I received an error that the hourly quota had been exceeded.
    Will Leo be keeping separate stats on DL’s for ROTSS in his monthly usage stats that he publishes every so often? It would be interesting to see what bandwidth ROTSS uses.

  10. Downloaded and listened on my way to work this morning. Look forward to next Monday’s podcast.

  11. Keep em coming :-).I am a Napolean Dynamite fan as well so your not alone.
    BTW if you want to flood your inbox with email be sure to check “Notify me of follow-up comments?” when you popst a comment.

  12. Thank you so much guys. This makes my day.I look forward to hearing more and more.

  13. It’s a good listen. That vocal 1% is handy though, as the MP3 download slows to 4K/s, the ogg download is cruising right along 🙂
    As for a name, you could play on ‘fireside chat’ or something fun.

  14. This is great! I can listen to Car Talk on Saturdays and you guys on Sundays and my weekend is complete….
    but, um… did you mean crap crap or just crap?

  15. The show is getting even better. This is only the second show and it was great!! I really enjoy when you talk about the latest tech news. I really enjoyed the conversation about the 64 bit processor. I had some fellow co-workes listen to the conversation so we would’t argue about if someone needs or doesn’t need the processor in the future. It is so great to have you guys back!. Thank you! I tust you’re guys judgement on technology. I don’t trust the opinion on the street or even fellow co-works who work in IT like myself.

  16. I’m enjoying listening to you guys although, video would be cooler.. Keep it up and I’ll keep listening.. Thanks sizwmoresr for the higher speed mirror!!!

  17. Thanks guys for doing this, I miss listening to you guys on TSS and glad you are putting this together Leo. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep listening 🙂

  18. Leo, what about doing a live internet radio broadcast using something like Shoutcast ? What do you think ? Is this possible ?

  19. When I made the move to broadband in February, a friend of mine couldn’t understand why…programs like this are one reason. : ) Thanks, Leo.

  20. Leo, Patrick, Kevin another great show ! I’m really enjoying these episodes, keep it up guys ! BTW, just to let you guys know, you have fans all around the world. I am writing to you from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. I have been a avid viewer of TSS and Call for Help from way back in the day and have followed you guys all the way to ROTSS. Kevin, I’m really looking forward to the SYSTM, it looks like it’s going to be great. Leo, great show, looking forward to video soon !?! Thanks guys for bringing back some good tech talk to the airwaves (or at lest the internet):)

  21. WoW! Awesome show guys. It’s really great to be able to hear you all again, instead of the joke that TSS has become (sorry Kevin, you still da man though ). 😛 .And what’s great about this show is, I like to hear what you guys are into with hardware and stuff. Gives me a good idea of what to get, and not get.
    Keep it up guys. Viva La Geeks Unite!

  22. Fantastic! Nice to have “the show” (sorta) back! Look forward to many many more! Thanks a bunch!

  23. Man, thank you so very much for starting this. I couldn’t even watch The Screen Savers after Tech TV turned into G4. This reminds me of the days of ZDTV. Leo, Pat, Kevin, you guys are awesome. Please keep it up… I anticipate this more than my favorite TV show.
    P.S. Kevin, The Broken is great.

  24. Loving the show so far, hope it keeps getting better as it has with every episode.
    How about taking some questions from listeners? (via email) Especally if your looking for content other than just you guys chatting (which I don’t mind)

  25. Leo:What a great show! I’m really glad you guys are back. Keep up the good work.
    I’ve been missing you all since the good old days of TSS.

  26. So good to hear you guys again. Seriously, hearing everyone interacting felt like getting back together with friends again. Please feel free to fully ‘make the most’ of your non-FCC regulated bandwidth and keep talking about stuff you couldn’t talk about on TTV or G4…whatever that may be.One suggestion though: I think the show could benefit from more structure down the line. While it’s cool hearing you guys bs about whatever comes up (like What’s Bugging You Lately?), I think that format could get old after a while.
    Keep it up guys – it’s great to have you all back.

  27. You guys keep up the good work who knows after 6-12 months of this 20 plus sponsors may be you guys will have your own TV network. Also take up donations to buy the rights to TSS.

  28. This is great guys! I’ve been deprived of my tech shows. Shortly after TechTV when to G4, it was removed from my channel list on TV. Good to see we got the crew back! I can handle radio until you guys take over the world.

  29. this cast rocks keep it goin, i got chills hearing you guys together again, oh yeah get the sarge and yoshi.

  30. Still borked. I used podcatcher last week to grab the show but this week I get the file not found error as well. I am now using the Plain MP3 Local download link.

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