Episode 2: The Revenge of These Green Saviors

imageEpisode 2 of the podcast formerly known as ROTSS has been posted. This week join Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and me, as we discuss journalistic credibility, car stereo support for iPods, LAN Party addiction, and more. Also enter our contest to win a box of Patrick’s crap – all you have to do is come up with a new name for the show. Runners-up receive web hosting from Vizaweb and Jinx Hackwear. Send your entries to leosprogram@gmail.com.
Theme music this week is courtesy of John Selvia

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85 Replies to “Episode 2: The Revenge of These Green Saviors”

  1. I miss the old TTV. Listing to this makes me remember the past episodes of tss and things you all would do.

  2. Here are a few name suggestions
    The Three Podcasters
    Leo, 2 guys, and computers
    Revenge of the show
    Display Saviors
    Unauthorized Access
    The Theme Savers
    We know what you downloaded last summer

  3. No hard feelings about your comments that your Canadian CFH TV show doesn’t count … its easy to slip sometimes …
    Like this unfortunate French Canadian women who[url=http://montreal.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=qc-marcil20050425] slips up in more than one way singing the American Anthem [/url]at a hockey game.
    Fortunately many citizens have forgiven her…
    … and America even won the game 5-4.

  4. Man, it’s all good again, thanks for coming back.missed you guys, please more, more, more…..
    i must buy a ipod now for the road.

  5. Good stuff, i would use ogg, but i throw it on my creative Zen Xtra.. so mp3 is the better choice.

  6. You have made me the happiest woman on earth 🙂 I love hearing Leo! I was tickled pink to hear the first episode. Keep it up guys this is what your fans want. We dont want that AOTS bs. 🙂

  7. Great to hear your back and in FINE FORM!!
    We all missed you and are looking forward to your PROVEN format,(G4 you blew it big time!!) I’ll be subscribing. Thanks again.

  8. I like the new name: The Revenge of These Green Saviors. Keep on broadcasting these and I’ll keep on listening.

  9. Man, I cant beleive that was a half hour, it seemed more like 10 minutes! Great job guys!! I heard your remark about a bunch of guys sitting around a nd BSing, but I think that alot of us are just happy to listen to whatever you all have to say. I still am learning from you all, and that in itself is a service!

  10. Nope! Can’t get the RSS feed on Doppler either. Tried the Mp3 download. No go, too slow. %-P Will try later when not so busy.

  11. I dropped my Dish Network subscription after TSS disappeared. You guys were the ONLY reason I’d kept my service. I’m SO GLAD you’re back, and my iPod is loaded with your new shows.

  12. Great stuff guys!
    If your up to it, maybe you can make them an hour long show?
    keep up the good fight!
    Leo, your call for help show is the only reason i subscribe to digital cable at the moment.
    Kevin’s AOTS is not half bad either.

  13. I know I just missed a get together in Toronto. But I was wondering if maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a TROTSS-cast from a dinner with Toronto area fans when a bunch of people are in town. Maybe a night out at the Keg or one of the clubs downtown. If you guys decide to organize on of these, let me know quick so I can make sure I am first on the list to join. 😉

  14. I am definitely for having a torrent each week. Took me about 8 minutes to download via http, but Torrent took about 1.
    Great Show Leo… I will try to think of a name for the next couple of days.

  15. :coolsmile: Thanks for all the podcast, haven’t listened to radio since I got my ipod for Christmas, listen in my fun truck and my hour walk every night. Great to hear the 3 amigos again.

  16. ;-P Thank you Leo, Patrick, Kevin. This is way better than what G4 did to TSS. I look forward to listening/watching the show morph into an awesome replacement for that which we lost.

  17. I can’t understand why Comcast bought TechTV to begin with… just to gut a network and completely dismantle it? It doesn’t make sense. Thank you for getting the “gang” together for these podcasts!

  18. Great Job everyone, keep up the great work. And if your looking for a new name for the show call it ROTFC (Return Of The Fired Cast).
    And maybe Sirius radio or XM radio will pick it up and start a tech radio channel, i’d pay for sirius if i can get 24/7 tech from Leo, Pat, Roger, Yoshi, kevin, sarah, cat and the rest.

  19. I’m presently downloading Episode 2. Stumbled across podcasts trying to fill the void of not having 24/7 talk radio (in english) since I’ve been here in Thailand. I have to travel to the local city of Ubon about 40 miles away to use a high speed connection but it’s worth it. I’ve grabbed all of 2005’s shows from KFI now I’m in the process of backtracking and getting all of 2004…keep up the good work. You’ve got listners all over the world!

  20. Is anyone else getting an error when sending an email to Leosprogram@gmail.com?
    Technical details of permanent failure:
    PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 10): 553 5.7.1 Bad or missing RCPT domain
    My idea was “The Savers of the Screen Strike Back”

  21. Hey FINALLY!!! It’s great to hear you guys back again… I’m also from the island of Trinidad (Caribbean), and it’s been UNBEARABLE to watch most of the programming on G4 here :(.
    Keep it up you guys, see if you all can get the video up and running and make arrangements on some other channel (Discovery?).
    Always making sure I getting my fix every week now 🙂

  22. I was so excited when my dad sent me this link this morning- not only did I not get to watch the last of the good episodes of the show, being at college, but it was really depressing going back home and watching TSS suck. So thanks for putting it where I can actually have access to it. I’ll be sure to check this every week now. 🙂

  23. When I first heard about this, I was like a kid on Christmas Day! You don’t know how stoked I was to finally hear the family from TechTV together again! I’ve never been so excited about a podcast and I thank you guys for doing this! Keep up the great work guys!!!

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