Difficulties Getting ROTSS

I apologize if your podcast client is having difficulty getting ROTSS. We totally overwhelmed the Coral mirrors and Coral isn’t failing gracefully. I don’t think they’ve ever seen demand quite like this.
The direct link does work however: http://leoville-downloads.com/tlr/TLR20050424.mp3 – as does the Vorbis link: http://leoville.tv/tlr/ROTSS002.ogg.

Your podcast client will get the file as soon as the flood of requests dies down. I will move the feed from Coral to bittorrent later today and for all future releases.

For those who are confused about which podcast feed to subscribe to, ROTSS is on TLR http://leoville.tv/podcasts/tlr for now. Once we get a name I’ll set up dedicated feeds. There will be four feeds, high and low quality MP3, Vorbis, and bookmarkable AAC for ipod users. I’ll give you those URLs as soon as we settle on a new name for the show.

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Thanks for posting the ogg file, Leo.We are very excited to hear you guys together once again!

  2. Perhaps you need to torrent this show… you guys are just too popular and well loved!

  3. For some reason I am not getting the full show. First time I downloaded it I got the first 4 minutes, second time I got a minute of the show. 🙁

  4. If the demand for the TROTSS podcasts doesn’t demonstrate to program directors and network executives the level of interest in the kind of content you and the former-TSS gang can produce, nothing will.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Great idea guys …. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say you’ve been missed and it’s nice to hear the Tech banter once again from you.
    Maybe video can be put to this later on as we all know the technology is out there, but it’s your time too actually put it together like Leo mentioned. Right now, this is working at a minimal amount of effort and if the demand continues and there is some sponsorship then it is something to be considered.
    As for a name for the show…. I’m sure the thinking caps are working aroudn the country as I write this.
    Thanks guys … great to hear you all together again.

  6. FYI – I got this back when I submitted a name:
    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    Looking at the page for podcast #2 it looks right but when you hover over the link it shows the misspelled address. I’m resending to the correct one.

  7. You all really filled a nitche on TV for the computer clueless. My other job is in IT, and I always recommended TSS to people when they asked me where they could learn more.
    I’m glad to see you guys generating content together, and I’ll download every one you put out.

  8. Leo congrates on flooding coral I bet that dont happen much :D!!!! That is an accomishment I would say. Someone needs to make a new “techtv” I would say the market is still there.

  9. Bookmarkable AAC’s + bit torrent is going to rule.
    Thanks for getting the TSS crew together again. This rules.

  10. Just to clarify, I posted above to let Leo know that even though the email address on the other page says “leosprogram@gmail.com” the link when clicked sends you to “mailto:leopsprogram@gmail.com”

  11. My suggestion: “The Scream Saviors.”
    You’ve got a legion of screaming fanboys/girls (well, maybe) and you have ostensibly helped people stop screaming in the past when you used to do live tech support stuff.

  12. Thanks for doing this show! It’s a darn sight better than what’s playing on “that cable channel” right now, and goes a long way toward dealing with my “Leo and Patrick withdrawl problem”. 🙂

  13. Have you guys thought about doing a call in type show for public radio? With the size of your audience, I bet they’d *love* you.

  14. Wow, I’ve gotta say.. YOU GUYS ROCK! How popular are you when you post your second ROTSS entry, and everybody who loved the old TSS floods to download it in under 24 hours?
    You’ve done something here Leo. As has been proven, the people love you guys together.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  15. What female ex-coworker are Pat and Leo talking about doing those shady advertisements?

  16. Ok guys the episode was GREAT! Now let get it all on VIDEO!!! If NO one want’s to produce it or tape it… Go with a Completely INTERNET Episode release via BitTorrent or via something like a VIDEOBLOG or something?

  17. I was disappointed that more of the old TSS gang (Yoshi) didn’t show up, but it was still a good show. Obviously, the word about the show has spread fast.

  18. “What female ex-coworker are Pat and Leo talking about doing those shady advertisements?”
    I’ll give you a hint, she once learned about photoshop files the hard way…. 🙂

  19. I keep getting this error using the recommended Doppler RSS – I have some of the shows but others won’t come – like the new TWIT.
    [04/05/2005 6:09:39 PM] [Retriever] [E] The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden., while retrieving the size of http://leoville.tv/tlr/TLR20050430.mp3
    [04/05/2005 6:09:38 PM] [Retriever] [E] The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden., while retrieving the size of http://leoville.tv/tlr/TLR20050501.mp3

  20. Thanks for the mirror(s), I can’t get anything from Leo’s download links they have been brought down in flames.

  21. I only got half the file – 15 minutes via the direct download. iPodder was able to get the whole thing though. FYI 🙂

  22. To improve the sound quality, you should all record directly from your microphone at the same time has doing the Skype call and afterward send all the .mp3 to Leo to do a remix.

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