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Ross Rader is hosting a Toronto area meetup for podcasters at the Lone Star Grill this Tuesday evening. Two Californians, Eric Rice and I, will be there, too. RSVP at Ross’s blog.
Speaking of podcasts, there are two new postings on TLR:

  1. My weekly visit with Bill Handel, Fridays on KFI – we talk about the Harmony universal remote

  2. My weekly tech news summary with John Donabie this morning on CFRB

Sunday evening Kevin, Patrick, Robert Heron, and I are going to try our first Skype-based podcast. I’m calling it TROTSS – an acronym for The Revenge of The Screen Savers. If all goes well I’ll push it out on the TLR channel Monday morning.

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  1. TROTSS – (Pronounced Trot SiS?) Awesome! Looking forward to hearing it.
    MS SP2 Push – Being a Mac guy, anything MS does has minimal impact on me, but I find this push from them on SP2 to be “interesting.” (Like that old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.”)
    Isn’t it STRONGLY suggested that your PC be virus, spyware and adware-free BEFORE applying SP2? Won’t forcing this upgrade on infected systems cause all kinds of havoc? How many of those +/- 70% of systems that have yet to upgrade are on dial-up internet connections? (Will grandma want to wait 2 days for the download?)
    I’m thinking that the 20-some-odd % of systems that have been updated to date with SP2 are probably owned or maintained by the more tech-savvy. Those not upgraded are probably owned mostly by people much like my step-daughter or my sister in-law… the type who’s eyes glaze over when you start talking PC maintenance to them. (and who’s systems I have to disinfect and fix every so often)
    Instead of shoving this update onto questionable systems, most likely down very tiny pipes, would it break Microsoft to distribute update CDs with antivirus and anti-spyware software that runs before installing the update? Hell, they forced user registration so they know everyone’s address…
    I guess we’ll soon find out how well those EULA’s hold up in court, once their forced updates start hosing systems on a wide scale.

  2. For those of us who would like to see TROTSS and SYSTM become viable long term, perhaps Leo, Kevin, etc. should think about asking for contributions like shareware. I would be willing to pay $10 a month for dowloadable audio and video versions of programs like CFH and TSS. Judging by the response to Patrick Norton’s one post and Leo’s statistics on TLR listenership, you have a significant following. 10,000 (veiwers/listeners) * $100/yr = $1,000,000, if you couple that with sponsorship/advertising — you have the beginnings of a viable business model. Just an idea to get us all the programming we want!
    All the best to you! And I hope this thing works out.

  3. Leo, I must say that even though you are magical by yourself, The Screen Savers crew is legendary – BRING IT ON!!!. By the way, I just signed up with VizaWeb, like you suggest – I absolutely love them and their servers are actually 30 minutes from me in Dallas!! Go Figure 🙂

  4. Hey Leo! Can’t wait for the TROTSS podcast! You guys did such a great job on that show, wish I had taped them. I did TiVo them on a regular basis. Just bought an iPod and it was fun listening to your KFI show as I drove around.
    2004 was not a good year for me either. My IT job was outsourced and it’s been hard to find anything. Might get back into broadcasting which I never thought I would do. This time it would be a position that would combine my broadcast and tech experience. 🙂

  5. Leo here is an opportunity to consult and save the Enterprise with your experience of moving CFH to Toronto …
    “The [url=http://www.trektoday.com/news/150405_01.shtml]TrekUnited[/url] fan campaign several weeks ago teamed up with a Canadian group of film production companies who have proposed a plan to Paramount to keep Star Trek: Enterprise going for a fifth season, it told TrekToday.”
    After all Captain Kirk (William Shatner) was born and raised in Montreal …
    Live long and prosper …

  6. TROTSS was AWESOME!!! Thank you for bringing back some of what I miss about TechTV.
    The quality using Skype was better than I expected.
    Give me a call anytime! (username: jumbobrian) (that goes for everyone else reading this too, heh).

  7. It sure was nice to hear the voices of the old crew!!! :cheese: Very cool show and keep up the good work Leo!!! I am sure everyone appreciates the extra work for the podcasts Keep it up!

  8. That was Great Guys!! Keep that up!! It was good hearing everyone back together again!!!
    Take Care,

  9. Revenge Of The [BLEEP]Savers…Good show name!
    I’ll look forward to next week’s episode.

  10. Leo… Thank you SO much for pulling the guys together and doing this. It was great to hear the four of you together discussing technology.
    I think this is the perfect medium for the old cast to reassemble and reclaim their old audience. Podcasting, like radio, is a much more intimate form of communication, and I think it encourages better dialogue and more interesting comment. TV is great, but sometimes its all about being flashy…the content suffers.
    I hope you continue doing this. I will be a loyal fan through this or any other medium you guys choose. Best of luck!

  11. That was great! PLEASE keep it going. The sound quality was fine over skype – what a great technology!
    I have to agree with the previous post that suggested that you take donations. I would gladly kick in.

  12. Hey Leo,Just wanted to say that TROTSS was GREAT. Like many others it was cool to hear you guys back together again talking about tech stuff. I look forward to more episodes in weeks to come!

  13. Awesome Podcast leo!Keep them up. If this is truely gonna be a continuously weekly thing, and you still wanna do the possible video idea, I say do 1 video episode a month. That way you have time to produce it and stuff and still have a decent schedule window, with great podcasts to hold the masses over in the meanwhile.
    PS: Are we gonna be hearing any other former/current members as time goes on?

  14. I just the first show of Revenge Of TSS from Doppler. I going to listen to show right now. Thank again leo for putting so much effort into new Podcast venture.
    I just heard on Revenge Of TSS, Leo metion Kevin Rose Will be flying up to toronto in end of april/ may to be on CFH 2.0!! I wait to watch the sho
    I have notice leo has up the mp3pro encoding for his podcast to 56k from 40k . I guest now leo bandwidth to cover the cost of hosting these larger mp3pro files.

  15. I was hanging to every word! Please, more. How about a 5 way Skype call, add Kate Botello.
    Brad Light

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed the four of you talking about tech — but you need a new name — TROTSS just brings bad things to mind.
    In terms of content it would be great to hear you discuss up and coming technology and the potential of our computers, networking, etc. The KFI show deals primarily, and might I say necessarily, with helping people with viruses and spyware. Maybe this show could be about the possibilities of technology – whats new, whats neat, how to get the most out of our tech from the independent perspectives you each have.
    I hope you can manage to keep this going!

  17. Great Podcast. Hope you guys don’t get Kevin in trouble! I was suprised to learn they changed the name of the show. I don’t have DirecTV anymore. They also changed the name back to G4 no more G4TechTV.
    I hope you can make this a weekly event!
    Thanks guys!
    Mike Miranda

  18. Leo, I love the name that you chose…it doesn’t conjure up bad memories for me at all, as I gave up on “Screensavers” after G4 took over anyway. I enjoyed the podcast, and hope you can do a video version as well.

  19. P.S. — Any Tech Publishers looking for a great buy in the way of a television channel just keep watching G4 tv!

  20. It was good to hear that Pat and Kevin as well as yourself are still buds. I watch your Toronto show but the magic is not there yet with your new cast members .I feel sorry watching kevin along side his last two cohosts .Like before Pat was your controller as you spoke too quick at times.Like OOPS I should not have said that.I hope the three of you continue to bring us the old show through this new media.I could feel the old show come back with this recording.Dave( 66 and still learning )

  21. Hi All
    I just met Leo for the first time in Toronto
    I wish everyone could meet Leo !
    What a funny and easy going guy !
    Leo , U DA Man
    Must be so cool to have a Dad like Leo

  22. Farewall to TV.. 🙂
    This is interesting, also as a sociologist phenomene. I mean, TV is dead as a one-to-many channel. Take blogging + video + .. and you end up with many-to-none (!) TV broadcasts. Anyone can be the ‘channel’. Cool..
    What this means in practise is a lot of hypish “I know how to save the world” kind-of channels, but in the long run, also meaningful, community-provided dotNet clone, I’m sure. That’ll be interesting.
    If you don’t know dotNet show, have a look. Even if the contents wouldn’t be interesting, the format is. Then think of the above, add four years.. that’s the future.

  23. I suppose that I should point out that my brother in-law’s eyes glaze over too… didn’t mean to imply anything. 🙂

  24. I liked the show. Expected you to do what you did by trying NOT be get all emotional about…well. That’s fine for you and the others. You didn’t have to be in our shoes that much.
    But one day you WILL understand.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. Trotts sounds like a name for the feeling you get the next day ,, when you eat bad chili
    Serious though , this was awesome , nice to hear the guys
    Ill see you Tuesday in Toronto , LEO

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