19 Replies to “Slamdance Industries is Here”

  1. That is awesome! We miss Mr. Norton here in Canada. Maybe he could do a guest shot on Call For Help – smashing something up with a sledge??? 🙂

  2. Im glad he made it but I am slightly disapointed. I really wanted to see the insainity that Leo or Kevin would make to make him want to put one up. Besides, I had a crack commando team all set to charge in kidnap him and strap him down infront of a keyboard

  3. Something tells me Pat can handle people not being gentle. 😉 Cool to see he finally has a blog. Hopefully, he’ll keep it updated and it’s not just a case of “ok, I did it… now I’m done.”

  4. >:( Unfortunately TSS is now officialy toast. G4 ended it Friday. Even in its butchered version I will miss it.
    TSS Rest in Peace

  5. Yay for Patrick! Oh, and THUD!
    (Proud Norton Fan and Kilt Kliq jersey wearer!)

  6. Wow I can’t believe but its true, I can not believe my eyes. Patrick Norton finally got around in launching his new website eh webpage. I time to celebrate for this great moment in internet history . great work patrick 😆

  7. Nice to see old Hammer Man back. OK Leo. Get your new show on in America and do remotes with Pat. That should be enough to give TSS some new life.

  8. So Pat is alive. I guess that could be expected of anyone who enjoys that whole life thing.I like the idea of a cameo appearance on Call for Help on G4TV Canada, even though I don’t get it.
    You should find some way to bring back the life the old TSS had with Pat, but that’s probably unrealistic considering how drastically things have changed.
    But one man can dream, can he not?

  9. What great idea, get Patrick up here to Canada on CFH. It’d be like the good ole days!

  10. I tried to watch the G4 TSS a few weeks ago. They had a special segment (maybe I misunderstood) on how to make your own root beer. ARGGGHHH.

  11. I couldnt watch the tss show after the got rid of alex I watched it up to that point. But the figured that poeple would still watch even with them only worried about money and not people. I guess they was wrong :bug:

  12. This has nothing to do with this.. But I see your netflix has What the bleep do we know.. Horrible movie don’t watch it.. New age psychobabble..

  13. In a sick way, I’m glad the TSS is finally gone. I couldn’t stand it after Leo & Pat left. I turned it on about one month ago and saw a piece on “Banana Covers” and a useless coke machine hack that was only interesting if you were able to open the machine. Hell, if I could open the machine, why should I want to hack it.
    As a network/mainframe guy on the East Coast, there used to be a time when I wanted to rush home to see TSS. Turn off the lights and go home.

  14. TSS and the old C4H — “put a fork in both; they’re done.”
    These shows can certainly be revived and placed on The Learning Channel, MSNBC, or DIY Channel. Unfortunately, I don’t think G4/TechTV would do that. It’s a question of pride…… So we need to think of different names for the two programs that we have come to love and view…… Suggestions????
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  15. Leo You should see this Blog Pat’s been Flooded :). . .
    I’ve posted but I don’t know if his eyes can take the trip getting thru all the comments down to where mine is :coolhmm:
    Regaurdless it is great to get him out into the web.
    I just wish the other Leovillians had been a little gentler.

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