15 Replies to “Living wrong”

  1. I have a undergraduate class full of bloggers! We use blogging for reflective practice and so that I can keep track of thought processes and possible misconceptions.
    I teach an undergraduate class for preservice teacher educators called Applications of the Internet in the Classroom.

  2. so now i know where you make you money. ha ha ha any way good show today. it is neat that you do the show from you house .do you kids ever watch you do the show? i am glad you have fun with what you do hope to see you back on the tv soon. and have a grreat vacation. :coolsmile:

  3. YEAH! SOmeone playing something OTHER than Texas holdup. My buddies and I used to play weekly But after about the 10th time in a row that they decided to play holdum I was like forget this.
    the game is SO boreing I hate fads.

  4. What you lose in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!! Thanks for the dough, Leo.
    Kas Vegas, Nevada

  5. OH too funny, I didn’t read carefully and thought THIS box was the survey…sorry folks for giving you all my boring info.

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